Live Free Or Die Hard Lives up to it’s Die Hard title although it takes a while to get that Die Hard feeling back while you are watching it. This time around, John McLean is dealing somewhat with getting older and not being appreciated for doing heroic things.
But he sure doesnt have time to mull over that thought because the action comes fast and it does not disapoint. There is one really over the top scene…hint, JET, which is still enjoyable but over the top, the rest is really wicked. Some very painfull stunts i am thinking. You remember in past Die Hards when the bad guy does something really bad to a lot of people in that one scene…well, there is one moment in this movie where the bad guy does something bad…hint…underground tunnel lanes…. Defantely a top notch summer film. Lives up its Die Hard Title.

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  1. 5 Stars indeed – we did a review (and a podcast) at regular joe reviews about this movie and came to the same conclusion. I’d say this was the second best only to the original which set a very high standard of excellence. Nice site you’ve got going here.

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