1. Pam Hoffman

    I’m actually enjoying your blog better this way…

    Of course, I’m a girl. 🙂

    Pam Hoffman

  2. Dave

    Thanks Pam

  3. Andy

    How about the toys that men love. Motorcycles, ATV, cars, hunting gear, boats, snowmobiles, man rooms, cigars. You know the stuff men love when the women aren't around. Something that really interest men. Other than sex of course.

  4. Jason - GorillaSushi

    Yeah, I prefer the more eclectic content. Forcing the focus of your content ends up with forced sounding content.

  5. Sean Morris

    Sexy woman of the day. That should give you some new content for everyday.

  6. Andy

    Man recipes for cooking, electronics, video games, mowers, yard tools, un-necessary customization of normal household stuff (Tim Allen Style)

  7. Karen

    Man stuff about head shaving, comments on television shows about fishing, entering every contest on the internet so I can find them too, recipes with nothing but onions, garlic and any kind of meat. You know, the usual.

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  9. Mitch

    Sometimes you just have to take a short break or vacation to freshen your mind. Guest posts might do the trick so that you can have some time off. However why not just enjoy the day or few days off. Usually its when your out doing something that a thought comes to mind, and your like hrmm I should blog that.

  10. mikster

    I can usually find something to write about just in daily run-of-the-mill events. Sometimes I even manage to put a humorous twist to them.

  11. Article Specialist

    I just want to unsubscribe from the comments to this post. No need to publish this comment. Thanks!

  12. Drunken (Web)Master

    Yeah, it happens. I ended up taking a break 'cause I just didn't have it in me for a while.

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