1. Handyblogger

    Good picture

  2. mihai

    Gosh..She’s hot 😀

  3. Nicole

    I always thought she’s gorgeous :)!

  4. Leon

    Yes she has my friend. The other Jessica (Biel) is still hotter though.

  5. Dave

    @Leon, I don’t get it, Did you mean Jessica Alba.

  6. Sarasota Florida

    WOW! she’s wonderful!

  7. Leon

    Yeah, I meant Alba. I guess her beauty had me in a trance.

  8. Expat

    She is hot.
    I saw her first in “STEALTH” . The movie is great.
    She looks hot in uniform.

  9. Chriss Weddingring

    She has a very pure beauty on this picture. I love Biel.

  10. Anonymous

    No doubt, Jessica is a hottie. However, don’t you think she is a bit..mannish? Her body has too many muscles. I think Scarlet Johansen has the best body…soft, curvy. It seems like laying next to Jessica would hurt.

  11. ????

    Very nice article! Thanks for this!

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