Sexy Sunday 34

Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton

Jessica Barton was born in Orlando Florida in 1983. She is the ultimate tom boy she loves cars, tattoos, and video games. Even better she has a twin sister. She’s in all the latest men magazines and often makes appearances at car shows. She also enjoys kissing girls. She says it’s because guys buy you a drink and they assume that means you’re going home with them but girls aren’t like that. She even told a story about how she was with her boyfriend and didn’t have a place to go have sex so they did it in her mother’s car in a church parking lot. A few weeks later she told her mom and found out that her mom had sex in that same car in that same church parking lot.





2 responses to “Sexy Sunday 34”

  1. Busby seo challenge Avatar

    Jessica is the hottest so far.

  2. Michael Avatar

    DAMM. She is definitely hot. That lingerie is really flattering on her. Good picture.