Sexy Sunday 5

Jessica Alba in black corset fishnet stockings.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was born in Pomona California in 1981. Alba grew up on an air force base and moved constantly until age 9 when her family finally settled down in California. From a very early age Alba was interested in acting and finally took classes at age 9. Alba has had roles in films like, Honey, Into the blue, Never been kissed, Dark Angel and many others. On May 19 Jessica Alba married Producer Cash Warren and the two welcomed their first child on June 7.





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  1. Dave Avatar

    She do look good. Thanks for dropping a eCard.

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    Passing by, dropped an ecard. That is a GOOD look for jessy 😉

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    woww, I think Jessica Alba more sexy pose is in Deep Blue rite, U can see a lot of more tasty pose