Sexy Sunday 23

Jenny McCarthy #25

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy was born in Chicago Illinois in 1972. She played on her high schools soft ball and field hockey teams. At one point she was studying to become a nurse, but later changed her mind. In October 1993 she was Playmate of the Month and in 1994 she became Playmate of the Year. She once worked with Carmen Electra on MTV. She also has appeared in films such as John Tucker Must Die, Dirty Love, Scary movie 3 and many others. In 2002 McCarthy became a mother and wrote many books on motherhood. In 2007 she later revealed her son suffered from Autism. She has since become an advocate of “curing” the disease and has also written a book talking about some of her experiences.





2 responses to “Sexy Sunday 23”

  1. Carl in Spain Avatar

    Great find, and can I just tell you after a couple of hundred Entrecard drops this morning your site has been the first to grab my attention, thanks.

  2. Logan Avatar

    I always thought her 'dumb' was kind of an act, but now I know she really is that dumb if she thinks autism is a disease (it is a disorder) and is curable. Oh well.