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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in Waco Texas in 1979. When she moved to California with her mother she got her first acting gig and become a regular on the Disney show “Kids Incorporated.” During this time Hewitt also appeared in commercials for products like Mattel, and L.A Gear. In 1991 Hewitt first album was release in Japan. In 1992 she got a role in the film “Munchie.” In 1993 she was in Sister Act 2. In 1995 she released her second album, that same year she landed the role of Sarah Reeves on the TV show Party of Five. It was only suppose to be a minor role but Jennifer became a main character on the show. In 1996 she released a third album and worked on the movie House Arrest. Many movies followed I Know What You Did Last Summer, Trojan Wars, Can’t Hardly Wait, I Know What You Did Last Summer 2 and the Suburban’s. One Season before the series finale of Party Of Five, Hewitt left to create the spin off Time Of Your Life which found Sarah moving to New York in search of her real father. However the show bombed and only lasted one season. Since then she’s been in Heartbreakers, Tuxedo, and Garfield. In 2005 she earned the main role on the TV show Ghost Whisperer. In 2007 Jennifer got engaged to Ross McCall while the two were vacationing in Hawaii.