Sexy Sunday 32

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison was born in Liverpool England in 1983. When she was 2 she shouted in a diner that one day she would be famous. What she couldn’t have known was that the woman who would become her agent was present at the time. By age 3 Ellison was taking singing and dancing lessons. In 96 and 97 she won the national championships for ballet and modern dancing. She even danced the lead role in production that was performed in front of Princess Anne. Acting was another dream of Ellison’s and at age 9 she persistently sent letters to the producers of a show called “Brookside” but she was continually dismissed. However in 98 her manager told her that the producers were looking to cast a couple of teenage girls. She tried out and got the part. She was only cast for 6 episodes but due to her popularity stayed on the show for several years. After her role on the show finished she decided to try music and managed to get a recording contract with East West. Her first single was launched in 2003. Currently she is living in Liverpool and ended a 2 year relationship with boyfriend Tony Richardson due to his involvement in a gang feud.





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  1. Mike - in Poker Avatar

    Jennifer is Hot!

  2. Michae Avatar

    I have to agree. She is definitely hot in that outfit.