1. Deb on the Rocks

    Congrats. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter. Jealous, but not bitter. And hey, I think this means that you have to throw the first Mardi Gras party of the year or something like that.

  2. Beautiful Minds

    Great and congrats dear.. 🙂

  3. Jason - GorillaSushi

    Congrats to you – but watch you back next time…. 🙂

  4. Mitch at Money News

    Nice that's a good way to start up the new year. So.. Are you going to hack it or stay on AT&T for the service? =)

  5. Mitch at Money News

    Err Ipod, thought it was Iphone =P I’m getting mixed up betweens peoples contests =P

  6. Beth

    Congrats on winning. I forgot to write the post so, I of course lost. But I already have an iPod Touch and I would have just sold the newer one. But you’ll love it- let me know and I’ll help you hack the thing. Illegal? Pfft who cares. I’m a rebel.

  7. silki

    Congrats Dave. Keep it up.

    BTW, the link with the anchor text “winner” is pointing to

    Please correct that.

  8. Dave

    Thanks Silki for pointing that out.

  9. kumo

    Congratulation on winning the prize.

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