Congrats to the iPod winner.

Congratulations to the winner of the iPod from the Big Bald Blog‘s contest. Oh yeah the winner was me. I was so surprised that I actually won. How sweet is that, a great way to kick off 2008. Also congrats to Jason from for taking second place.

Big Pappa I hope the contest was a success for you, according to you post it was. Thanks for running such a great contest.

9 replies on “Congrats to the iPod winner.”

  1. Err Ipod, thought it was Iphone =P I’m getting mixed up betweens peoples contests =P

  2. Congrats on winning. I forgot to write the post so, I of course lost. But I already have an iPod Touch and I would have just sold the newer one. But you’ll love it- let me know and I’ll help you hack the thing. Illegal? Pfft who cares. I’m a rebel.

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