Introduction of Sandy

Before I make any posts here on Malewail, I thought I would share a little of me with you.  A kind of get to know me, well…at least you’ll get to know my name, some thing I just did a background check on.

The name Sandy is primarily used as a shorthand name for Alexander or Alexandra.  Alexandra is sometimes shortened to Sandra as well.

I was named after an uncle and great uncle on my fathers side going back two generations and a great grandfather on my mothers side, all were named Alexander and were called Sandy in their everyday lives.

I however wasn’t named Alexander; I was named Sandy.

Do you know what the official meaning of the name Sandy?

Technically there is no meaning for Sandy.  Sandy’s official definition is that it is a nickname for Alexander, Axelia, Cassandra, Sanders, Sanford and numerous variations of Alexandra.   Sanders and Sanford are Middle English decent while the rest are Greek.  I however, am 94% Scottish.  The Hindu’s are the only culture to use the name Sandy and let on it was not derived from anywhere. The Hindu’s of course don’t have a meaning for the name either; I suppose they just liked the way it rolled off the tongue.

Of course the names Alexander and Axelia are powerful names with powerful meanings, each being that of the ‘protector of mankind’. The name Cassandra is equally intimidating as it translates to ‘Prophet of Doom’.

Using Sherlock Holmes dubbed the rules of deduction I concluded that yes the name Sandy does indeed have a definition. The ‘Prophet of Doom who is also the protector of mankind’.

Yup, I think I like the ring to that. I mean if my name officially has no meaning why I can’t give it one. The Native Indians gave themselves names and made up meanings, most of which included the meaning directly into their names themselves.

I hope I’m not over my head in this, those are some lofty expectations. I’m not even good at pro-line and now I’m expected to predict doom?

Geezus, Mary and John Hughie, maybe it should be mean ‘Giver of free smiles’. That I CAN handle.

Although if I had to foresee doom, I pick 2012.  If Nas is calling it, I won’t question.  No, not Nasty Nas, Nasir Bin Aluda Ra.  Nostradamus. Michel de Nostradame.  God speed everyone.

Sandy (Giver of Free Smiles)