Income for All

I recently stumbled upon a great article at the star,An article about guaranteeing income for all Canadians. A guaranteed annual income, wow what a concept. I never really gave a concept like that a thought. It is already in use in some form or another in other countries. This is a way to rid Canada of poverty. Canada has more than 1.5 million people living below the poverty line, with most of that number being children. With current social programs people struggle to get above that line. Some one on welfare is penalized for taking a job to get ahead. There are claw-backs that reduce the assistance they receive, once they take their minimum wage jobs. Getting a job at minimum wage is no better than receiving social assistance. Many employed people are the working poor. Living in shelters, going to food banks, not able to afford the basic necessities.

A quote from Hugh Segal.
I do not believe that, in a country such as Canada, fellow citizens must live so far below what we consider a poverty line that they are unable to provide the basic necessities of shelter, food and clothing for themselves and their children. And based on the current allowances provided by the welfare system, I also refuse to accept that people purposely choose to avoid employment in order to subsist on such a paltry income.

Individuals who turn to welfare do so as a last recourse. Whether the situation is the result of abuse, job loss, lack of education or training, addiction or single-parent households, our duty as Canadians and human beings is to guarantee an income that allows people to provide for themselves and their families while affording them a level of dignity that boosts confidence and inspires hope.

I have read some grate blogs on the subject of Guaranteed Annual Income. I would like to link back to some of them.

Reading these articles have really opened my eyes to the concept of a Basic Income in Canada. Maybe it’s time for the Country to move toward this program. What do you think about a guaranteed annual income?






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  1. Jeff Miller Avatar

    Negative income tax is a good idea that will get totally messed up because of politics.

    The problem becomes: what is an appropriate minimum income?

    You want it high enough that it covers all of the necessities but not so high that people will pick it as a lifestyle choice. If the minimum income is higher than a 40 hour work week at minimum wage, why would anyone flip burgers at McGrease?

    If you end up with a large portion of the population on the minimum income, you end up with a large voting block that can put upward pressure on the minimum income. When that happens, you will end up with increased taxes and more people on the minimum income until the system implodes.

    All democracies are doomed once the people learn they can vote themselves largess.

  2. SEO Beratung Avatar

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  3. Garage Storage Los Angeles Avatar

    I believe that the United States is also so very messed up with their welfare system and so many millions of Americans living below poverty level. I’m kinda like Jeff Miller (previous posted blog), If the minimum income is higher than a 40 hour work week at minimum wage, why would anyone flip burgers at McDonalds (in our case…).

    The problem is that there are so many people out there that are so dishonest and just want a free ride. Grant it there are also many individuals that WILL work for a living and ARE actually trying to ‘fin for themselves’ and make their life work out the right way by doing the right thing and working for a living.

    Maybe it’s a good idea… maybe not. It’s hard to say… but hey – Good luck with that in Canada…