How to stop cheating for loved ones

Cheating is a popular game. It is a popular game to be with someone else emotionally and sexually when you have already established that you are serious about one main person. It has become so popular that it is seen as the norm in the western culture. It is nothing “˜new under the sun’ and it is not something alarming or surprising if someone finds out that you have been cheating. It is as common as the air we breathe. What is not so common is how to stop cheating. However, if we know how to stop it, then it would help to create a lot of happy and fulfilling relationships.

  • Observe what triggers off your cheating. It is not enough to know why you cheat. When you make a mental note of what triggers you off or how you cheat, then you can control yourself better by avoiding certain things. It can be your guide to stop cheating.
  • Write down the things that are valuable to you. When you put your values into focus, you may realize that cheating is destroying what you stand for and transforming you into a weak, pathetic individual with no strong character of upright morals and values.
  • After you write down your values, it is significantly important to examine why you cheat. Write down all your reasons for cheating, and ask yourself this question “is it worth it?” Is it worth it to treat your partner with disrespect, neglect, hurt and selfishness?

  • Afterwards, scrutinize your relationship. Look at the areas that could have been improved with a little more intimacy, affection and care. Look deeply into your relationships and try to find out the needs that were not met. After this assessment, you can be true about your emotions about the relationship and now you can think clearly about what you need to do to move forward.
  • When you think about your values, think about your reasons for doing things and assess what your relationship is about. You can now have a new drawing board of choices . . . what are you going to do now? If you come to the conclusion that the relationship is still valuable to you then, it is best break off all ties from outside the main relationship. Determine within yourself that you will stay faithful in the relationship.
  • If your main relationship is no longer important to you, then you need to be honest with your partner and leave instead of hurting each other.

Some tips and warnings..

  • Trying to change bad habits may be difficult; therefore, you may need professional help. A counsellor or therapist may be useful to you and help you get over some of your bad behaviours.
  • If you are cheating out of revenge, remember that two wrongs do not make a right.
  • Remember that cheating is very hurtful emotionally as well as physically. It can be risky behaviour. One of you might contract a sexually transmitted disease outside of the relationship and then you infect each other. This further compounds the problem and makes the situation sour. It is best to go your separate ways if cheating is difficult to stop. There is no sense in destroying each other.

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