How to Keep the Spice In Your Love Life

You can spend the rest of your life with one person and make love to them in hundreds of different ways. There are many ways to be creative so you’ll never have to be bored.

Be erotic and romantic. It brings a smile to your face when he sends chocolate or flowers so why not send him something in return. Send him a nice bottle of wine or champagne and include a note about why he deserves such gifts.

Do your homework. Go to any good bookstore and invest in some good quality sex books. You don’t have to read through the entire book but you can pull one out when you are feeling adventurous or want to change things up. Pick a new position or a type of fantasy and do it. You can even buy some steamy novels and read excerpts to each other.

Have a picnic in bed. Light up the bedroom with some candles and lie in your bathrobes and slippers. Serve some chilled wine and cut up pieces of fruit and other finger foods and hand feed each other. You can even give each other a massage well an erotic video plays in the background.

Have sex throughout the day. Some women can achieve multiple orgasms but that doesn’t mean a man would not want to experience the same thing. Make love in the morning then an hour or two later pull him back into bed for a second round.

Be a sex slave for him/her. Their birthday or another special event is looming and you’re strapped for cash. Instead of buying a gift offer to spend the entire day pleasuring him/her.

Flirt. Even if you have been together for years it doesn’t mean you can’t flirt. When we flirt our bodies receive natural stimulants sending us through an emotional high. Pretend like you have just met and act sexy.

Write sexy notes. Write about what you want to do to her or why you love her so much and sneak the notes in her purse or makeup bag. Anywhere she would see it.

Be his mistress. If he’s going to have an affair you better make sure it’s with you. Set up a date and meet for lunch at a hotel bar. Then go to your hotel room and have wild and hot sex.

Kiss. Sometimes when people get into relationships they stop kissing or don’t kiss as they used to when they first met. Gently caress each other and kiss passionately. It doesn’t have to be on just the lips each. You can kiss her on the neck, down the small of her back or on the stomach. Be creative.

Keep the clothes. When you are wearing your clothes press your bodies together and grind. Let her rub against your leg.

Push. For many women it is possible to achieve orgasm by pushing down on the penis with her vaginal muscles.

Keep your eyes open and the lights on. Watch what is happening when you are having sex. Watch your penis moving in and out of her. Look at the pleasure in her facial expressions.

Be Unpredictable. You have sex every Saturday night you climb into bed. Why not surprise him/her by cuddling them from behind when they are reading or washing up.

Late night calls. Away on business? Next time you call her up late at night skip the normal stuff and instead talk about all the things you want to do to her and the things you are going to do to her the next time you are together.

Try new things. Have a bubble bath or shower together, Give a foot or back rub, or even take each others clothes off without using your hands.

Show your excitement. If you are excited show him or even tell him how excited he’s making you feel.