How to Get Your Woman to Give You Oral Sex

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Every woman will have different feelings when it comes to oral sex. Some women may have had bad experiences with previous partners. Others may find it Taboo thinking the act is dirty or impure, and for others there is a fear of not adequately pleasing a man. It may be possible to get women to change their minds when it comes to oral sex.

You can’t force a woman to give oral sex just like you can’t expect every woman to like oral sex. First make sure you know how your woman feels. Sit down and openly communicate with her. Discuss her feelings on giving and receiving oral sex.

During Foreplay softly whisper the things you want to do to her and the things you want her to do to you. Pay attention to her reaction, keeping note of the things that seem to arouse her and things that don’t appear to interest her.

Don’t just give her oral sex because you think it will better your chances of receiving it. Show your woman that you truly enjoying going down on her licking her, teasing her, and tasting her. When she sees how much you enjoy pleasuring her there is a good chance she will reciprocate.
Keep up with your hygiene. Make sure you shower and bathe regularly. Don’t try to mask odors with cologne or spray. Wash your genitals with soap and body wash thoroughly. Also trim your pubic hair. No woman wants to go down on a man who hasn’t bathed in days.

If all else fails try halls extra strong cough drop candy. Each of you can put one in your mouth and slowly let them dissolve. It disguises any bad tastes that may be lingering and it also heightens nerves on the genitals heightens orgasmic sensations.

Once your woman realizes how great oral sex can be guaranteed she will want to reciprocate it.





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