How to Get over a Crush

Getting over a crush can be very difficult. It is especially challenging when both of you interacted on a regular basis, and possibly formed some kind of connection. Deciding to move on after spending much of your time obsessing over someone will not be a quick, painless process. You will have to undo a lot of damage to your psyche by increasing your self-worth. Fortunately, if you are persistent this goal can be achieved, allowing you to move on and perhaps love again.
Before you begin, you should think about your situation objectively. There are many reasons someone may decide to completely cut them self off from a former love interest. The most common reason is generally unrequited love. If the person you have doted on for months or years does not return these same feelings, it is always best to move on. The longer you had these feelings for this person the more difficult it will be to dissolve the self-created bond.
The first part of the process will involve separating yourself from that person entirely for at least 3 months. This means you should not attempt to contact him or her by telephone, email or in person. Seeing the person regularly will just make it harder for you to get him or her out of your thoughts. If you use a social networking site, like Facebook, and he or she is currently on your friends list delete him or her.

Invest time in yourself. Think about your best qualities and make every effort to remember just how special you are. Love yourself and learn to appreciate all the things that make you unique. Take your former beloved off the symbolic pedestal. Put yourself first in all things; make your betterment a key focus. Do not become overly selfish, but still recognize that your happiness should be your number one priority.

Indulge in other activities. Renew your interest in different hobbies. Take a few classes, or learn something new on your own. You may make it a point to finish a couple books you have always wanted to read, enroll in a cooking class, learn to paint, among other interesting activities. This will ensure you spend less time thinking about your crush and more time actually doing something productive.

Invest in a makeover. This will work just as well for men too. Change out your wardrobe and give a few pieces to charity. Cut your hair or tweak your appearance in any number of ways. Doing these little things will increase your sense of self-satisfaction and self-worth. Write in a daily journal. You may track your thought patterns over the next few months to see how many your thoughts and feelings have changed over the period.

Finally, go out and meet new people. You don’t need to go clubbing, which may prove counter-productive. Settings that are more intimate will allow you to involve yourself in active discussions that can lead to long-lasting friendships.

Tips and Warnings

Don’t be too eager to rush into a relationship to get over your crush. You may simply end up transferring those feelings to someone else prematurely.

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