How To Find The Best Web Host

Author: Don Fletchinger


Building a website is very easy as there are countless web hosts, software programs, and website builders on the internet to choose from. But building a website that really produces profits, that builds traffic and ranks among the top websites on the net is extremely difficult to do.

Choose a hosting service that owns their own equipment and has high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbones, backup power generators and backup systems in place. Make sure they are a reliable business that has been around for awhile. Check their support system and make sure they offer 24/7 email, ticket system or live telephone support. Try their support team and see if they respond quickly enough for your needs and if their support staff is helpful and knowledgeable.

You should be able to host at least one domain name. There should be no restrictions on sub-domains. Look for e-mail access as well. The better the service, the more options they will provide for email. Make sure to get ample disk space for your website and try to get as much bandwidth as possible. Also make sure that your hosting service includes a statistics program so you can monitor your website traffic on your website.

If you plan on running a internet store or ECommerce shopping cart you need a hosting service that offers this service and supports SSL(Secure Sockets Layer.) When starting an online storefront, a web host will be able to guide you through the hosting process effectively. Ask the host about upgrade options so you can have an upgrade plan in place for when it is needed. Starting an online store is an exciting opportunity, and your web host will impact the success of your store.

Building a website that works, that drives traffic for long-term profits, takes the right process, the right tools and the right training. Check and see if the web host offers a website building program and tutorials to help you along the way. Make sure they have tools to optimize your website for the search engines. Check and see if they offer extras like auto-responders, Ezine publishing, and website submission services. Most web hosts bundle their services in package deals for you to choose from.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good website hosting services have no problem directing you to helpful information or answering your questions in a way that you can understand.

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