How to Control Stress 41-50

41. Buy the right kind of Christmas tree. Stay away from the artificial and buy Norway Spruce or Scotch Pine. The natural scent of pine is calming.

42. Rest between your workouts. When you overtrain your body it can cause you physical and mental stress. Excessive exercising can increase cytokine levels which tells your body to release cortisol which tells you to freak out.

43. Climb a mountain. Unless you have a fear of heights. Studies have shown that rock climbers and hikers have lower stress then their peers who take on less rugged activity.

44. Hike the high country. High-altitude air is full of charged negative ions. Breathing them in can be relaxing and rejuvenating.

45. Go swimming. During the day our legs collect pools of lymphatic fluid when present in excess can leave you feeling uncomfortable and irritable. When you swim it takes all that fluid and pushes it back to your heart and out through your kidneys.

46. Hold your tongue. When a colleague or family member decides to be annoying tell yourself “I choose to be calm.” Now how you feel is a choice and you don’t have to react.

47. Unwind online. Go to Close your door and turn up the volume. Go to the “relax now” section and be taken through a 6 minute audio-guided relaxation exercise that focuses on mediation and deep breathing.

48. Play with your ears. Tug on your earlobes gently and move them in circular motions switching directions. This motion moves the tentorium membrane in your head which can relieve stress.

49. Chug a big glass of cold water. For some unknown reason this proves to be effective. Besides it doesn’t hurt to be hydrated.

50. Find your smell. Aroma’s trigger strong connections to positive memories. Fresh bread, vanilla, and orange are some good options.