How to Control Stress 31-40

31. Eat whole wheat pasta before a date. Studies have shown that eating complex carbohydrates can boost the brains levels of serotonin. Having low levels of serotonin can lead to depression, anxiety, and aggression, none of which are attractive on a first date.

32. Resend that old dresser. The next time you start to think you are feeling stressed. Tell yourself that you have high energy instead. Then use that energy for a physical activity.

33. Press your shirts. The repetitive motion of ironing can leave you in an almost trance like state. Which will help you block out stressful thoughts.

34. Turn it into a game. When you sense Customer service or human resources trying to screw you turn it into a game. Tell yourself, “Oh I see they’re trying to screw me, lets see what happens next.” This depersonalizes it and will reduce your stress level.

35. Predict the future. Whether you have to dump someone you are seeing or you want to confront a co-worker take the time to think about the possible outcomes. Doing this makes the situation familiar and will prevent any surprises which in turn will help you slash stress.

36. Make a schedule. Instead of freaking out about a big project your boss has given you. Take the time to present him an outline of what things can be done and when. This leaves you in control and opens the room for negotiation. Suddenly that project isn’t so stressful.

37. Stay Awake. Are you having trouble sleeping? Instead of lying awake telling yourself you can’t sleep tell yourself you are going to stay awake for 30 minutes. This takes away the stress of not being able to sleep and may actually help you catch some Zzz’s.

38. Get out of debt denial. So you have maxed out credit cards. Don’t deny your problem and avoid opening your bills. Meet with a credit counsellor for advice. Those who got credit counselling felt the stress levels continually decline.

39. Drum while you drive. Studies found that group drumming helped reduce stress. A drum solo on your steering wheel may have the same benefits.

40. Find the good. Did you miss a deadline? Instead of dwelling on it focus on what you learned. By finding the good in a stressor you can reduce the stress intensity.