How to Control Stress 21-30

21. Meditate. Researchers at West Virginia University found that 35 people who underwent “Mindful meditation” saw a 44% reduction in psychological stress over a 3 month period. If you want to try it just sit quietly for 10 minutes with no distractions and concentrate on your breathing.

22. Find a shoe shine guy at the airport. Walking can lessen a persons frustration and when you have a destination it keeps your mind busy.

23. Put a hole in a tennis ball and squeeze. Let tension build up in your hand and the rest of your body then release this increases relaxation.

24. Have sex. Either with a partner or solo having an orgasm releases beta-endorphins.

25. Stop checking your portfolio. Investors who keep a close eye on their stocks are more likely to get stressed out. Instead get educated. Those who saw the bigger picture when it comes to finances were last stressed.

26. Call a friend on the first day of a new job. By taking several breaks throughout the day things will slow down and you will feel more in control. Ultimately reducing your stress level.

27. Add 10 minutes to your ETA. If you get stuck in traffic, call whoever you need and let them know you’ll be late but add 10 minutes onto your revised ETA.

28. Hold your girlfriends hand for 10 minutes. A university in North Carolina found that when couples experience loving contact it lowers blood pressure and heart-rate responses in stressful times. Those who experience contact were nearly twice as relaxed as the untouched group.

29. Give up the smokes. Nicotine is proven to suppress the stress fighting hormone serotonin. It also stimulates the release of dopamine which stimulates the brains pleasure center. The problem is dopamine levels soon drop and leaves your body wanting more. This will make you anxious and make you crave more cigarettes.

30. Remember it’s not about you. For example if you have to fire someone, take yourself out of the situation. Remind yourself that this person is getting fired because they screwed up or the company needs to shed weight. Give yourself 15 minutes to think about this until it becomes embedded into your brain.