How to Control Stress 1-10

1. Drink OJ. In a study done by an Alabama University rats were given 200 milligrams of vitamin C twice daily. Researchers found that it nearly stopped the secretion of stress hormones. Two eight ounces of OJ a day will give you the vitamin C you need.

2. Place a green dot on your phone. This will be your secret reminder to take a deep breath before answering a call. Not only will you feel better you will sound more confident says Susan Siegel from the University of North Carolina.

3. Spend time with your pet. Research shows that spending time with your pet or even someone else’s provides more stress relief then spending time with 2 legged companions.

4. Go to Starbucks with friends. Researchers at Bristol University discovered that men who drank coffee alone were still nervous and jittery, but men who drank coffee around friends or co-workers felt their stress subside.

5. Shake it out. When your faced with making that big putt shake out your fingers and relieve the tension in your arms and wrists. You can control what you do before your shot, and won’t focus on making or missing the shot as much.

6. Listen to music at work if permitted. Make it as bland as possible. According to a Pennsylvania University study music lowers your stress levels at work and at the same time helps prevent the common cold.

7. Shut up and smile. When you are getting ready to do a public speech look at the audience and then smile. Don’t say anything for 2 seconds and then begin. This makes the audience think you feel comfortable and in control. This will also make the audience more relaxed.

8. Talk with your hands. During a job interview place your arms in your lap, bend your elbows slightly and have your fingers almost touching. This will help to keep your body relaxed and keep your tone conversational.

9. Run Fast. Or do any form of high-intensity exercise for at least 33 minutes. A university study found by exercising vigorously you would lower your stress levels more then moderate exercise and the affects lasted for up to 90 minutes later.

10. After your workout hit the sauna. People who use the sauna after group counselling had greater stress relief and feelings of relaxation then those who didn’t.