How the Invention of Batteries Changed the World

On the face of it, batteries may not seem like a world-changer but, in actuality, few inventions have had such a massive bearing on the way we live our lives. Batteries are not a glamorous item by any stretch of the imagination but there is no ignoring just how instrumental they are in our day to day lives and we would struggle to function without them in a modern society.

It is so easy to buy batteries online and in shops now that it is often easy to forget just how revolutionary their invention was and the sizeable role that they play on a daily basis. Batteries will be found in more or less every home, place of business and institution and this is testament to just how fundamental batteries have become to the functioning of society.

A Brief History of Batteries…

Allesandro Volta crafted the first electrochemical cell in 1792 and this was the precursor to modern batteries as we know them. Even Volta himself couldn’t have been aware that his experiment using pieces of cardboard soaking in salt water would go on to produce a product that changed the way in which people lived their lives. Almost every invention since Volta’s discovery will have come about because of the discovery that he made – and the subsequent birth of electricity and electrical science.


Since Volta’s ‘Eureka’ moment, the inventive process has pretty much been non-stop on the back of the emergence of electricity as a viable tool. Prior to the discovery of the first “battery power” as it were, electricity was much more difficult to harness and utilise but Volta’s discovery put a change to all this and allowed for a whole new world of inventions. Just some of the inventions that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the discovery and invention of batteries and electrical science include:

The iPhone:

It isn’t just the iPhone that would cease to exist, of course, if the battery hadn’t been invented. Mobile phone batteries are all based upon the concept of Volta’s first discovery and, without this, there would be no Angry Birds or iTunes!



Although food connoisseurs may not agree, the microwave has revolutionised the food that we eat and this is another invention that couldn’t have come into being without the electro science discoveries of Volta and his contemporaries.


The Internet:

Without computers, there would be no internet and without Volta and his discovery of batteries, there would be no computers. It is clear that the discovery of batteries has completely changed the world in which we live and it is important to remember this the next time you buy batteries.


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