Holidays For The Discerning Gentleman

If you consider yourself a true gent, the thoughts of the typical lads holiday will send shivers up your spine. No, you’ll have a penchant for fine wines, exclusive dining, moist cigars and childfree beeches – the list goes on… Being a gentleman, I’ve thought about all the elements that’ll tickle a gent’s fancy, and considered all the irritants that must be eliminated to keep a chap’s pecker up, so to speak. So pack your designer suitcases and leather hand luggage and take a trip with me – you won’t be disappointed, for these are some of the most exclusive holidays for the discerning chap.

1. Cape Kidnappers

I’m not a particularly avid fan of golf, more of a fly fisherman if truth be told, but I’ve heard this sport is a must for the gentleman. Cape Kidnappers is one golf course that can rival the amazing Pebble Beach. It’s beautiful location in New Zealand offers golfing isolation, a golfer’s paradise. To reach the seclusion and privacy at the Cape course, you will need to drive for twenty minutes from the clubhouse gates, and once there, you won’t believe your eyes, well worth the flight to New Zealand. For a mere £5749, a gent can spend 7 nights at the Cape Kidnappers resort, plus 2 rounds of Golf at the Kauri Cliffs, and 2 rounds at the Cape Kidnappers course. Keep your balls out of the ruff, right chaps?

2. Monaco Grand Prix From The Winston Churchill Suite

Now, every chap loves a sports car, especially F1 cars and all the glamour that follows – drinks, cigars, girls, models, girls etc… This magnificent suite in the Hotel de Paris offers panoramic views over the circuit and harbour, a great spot to watch the cars in the breaking zone. For €2000 PP, you are fully catered for, an open champagne bar priming you for the much anticipated race. The finest French gourmet cuisine should keep your apatite satiated, and why not finish off with a nice cigar as you watch the cars racing and bikini-clad girls splashing in the pools? Why not, indeed, I hear you say.

 3. Panama Veneto Suite and Casino

Fancy a flutter in one of the world’s exclusive casinos? How about indulging yourself by spending your winnings in the Veneto hotel’s fine restaurants and spas, or pumping it back into the casino? Like the sound of that? Of course you do. Fortune smiles 24 hours a day at the 40,000 square feet Veneto casino. Experience the Veneto’s Private VIP room, relax in the luxury surroundings, and indulge in the buffet, dedicated staff waiting on you hand and foot. After a tiring evening at the table, head back to your room and watch the 42” plasma in the Winston Suite. At $2500 a night, it isn’t exactly cheap, but a gent always takes a gamble, and you never know, you might win back the costs.

4. Superyacht Atmosphere – A taste of Chile

What true gent isn’t at home on a yacht? ‘Atmosphere’ is a superyacht for charter guests to indulge in the skills of celebrated International chefs using local ingredients matched with exceptional fine wines and stunning landscapes. The actual expedition and culinary charter starts via air (helicopter), land (Chile) and finally sea (yacht). The finest wines have been chosen for the Taste of Chile program, all tipples perfectly matched with the gourmet cuisine. Go on wildlife expeditions, jet-boating, helicopter rides, and experience the ultimate fly-fishing in Patagonia. Relax in the onboard spas, saunas and experience thalassotherapy – the medical use of seawater as a form of therapy. The premium package, including helicopter rides, for 7 nights will set you back around $40,000.

So Gentleman, I hope you’ve enjoyed the trip and have taken some inspiration from these classy destinations and establishments. Surf the web and find some truly fantastic deals on flights to the USA, a country brimming with superb experiences such as Vegas and New York.