Health Benefits of Eating a Raw Food Diet

raw food Before started a raw food diet it is important to know why you are doing it. There are many benefits to eating a raw food diet including increased energy, reduced risk of heart disease, weight loss and even detoxing your body.

When starting a raw food diet it is important to take it slow. Many people may suffer from headaches or nausea in the beginning so instead of going all out start by enjoying one meal a day of raw foods and gradually increase your raw food consumption.

Follow the rules of preparing your food. Normally raw food is juiced, dehydrated, or even juiced. Raw food diets normally consist of 75% uncooked and 25% cooked. When cooking you should never cook over 116F. People normally don’t like to cook because they  believe when food is prepared in a “normal” fashion it robs it of its nutrients.

Use proper equipment. If you are just starting out with a raw food diet then you don’t need to buy all the most expensive gadgets. A simple dehydrator and food processor will be good enough. Once you get further into your diet you can consider looking into a heavy duty juice extractor.

Most importantly try being creative. Experiment with different dishes. Try making a pizza, use buckwheat for the base and add all the veggies you want. If you would like to have some more recipes try





2 responses to “Health Benefits of Eating a Raw Food Diet”

  1. caveman diet Avatar

    Raw food diets ROCK! I follow the caveman dietat the moment which allows cooked foods but I think I might try to go fully raw for a month and check out the result! What do you think? Nice blog by the way.

  2. MaxBurn Avatar

    The caveman diet is pretty amazing, have 2 friends that eat like that and their personal trainers. They just bbq all the time and eat raw vege's…Thanks for the site btw.