Hair is the Hat

Hair is the hatAbsolutely no question about it. This guy is my favorite person in the world this week, probably next week and most likely the week after that as well. His name is Darain Housen and that hat sitting on top of his head is his real hair. I shit you not.

Not only does he have the flyest hair style EVER, but he’s Jamaican and he talks like this in explaining how his hair-hat came to be; “Mi an dem fi go a di party but di three of them had caps an’ mi had none so mi get two mirror one behind mi and di other in front of mi an’ mi trim mi hair like a cap an’ go a di dance”

You can say that again, but probably not five times fast.

For 20 years Housen has worn his cap o’ hair and one has to wonder if his hat is – pardon the pun – hair to stay.

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