Grill These Foods for a Healthy BBQ

Backyard party! Who can resist that? Backyard party means a lot of Fs. This includes family, friends, fun and of course, FOOD! Speaking of food, it can be very hard to say no, most especially if you are in a middle of a great conversation. Munching plus great conversation are 2 things that are hard to separate. That means, you might be eating more than what you should have. And we all know that it will ruin your entire dietary plan.

So, what’s the best solution for that?

Are you going to say no to delicious grilled foods? (Not a chance)

Are you going to leave the party? (Are you crazy?)

Or, are you going to have grilled foods that are healthy? (This might be an answered prayer.)

Obviously, the third option is the best. Some people might think that it is impossible. Well, they are going to eat their words. Listed below are healthy foods which you can grill. Munch up on those and you won’t have to worry about your weight.

Corn. I’m sure that you know this one. Corns are very popular on BBQ parties! This is a real treat because it’s healthy and it’s very easy to do. To get that perfect grilled cob, you can wrap it in a foil first. To make it tastier, you can add your favorite herbs as well.

Nutritional Value: Rich in phosphorus, iron, zinc and has Vitamin B. Also, it has small amounts of Vitamin A, E and potassium.

Tofu. Since tofu sticks quickly, I would suggest that you spray your grill with non – stick cooking spray. You can marinate it in a barbeque sauce, soy sauce or vinaigrette. Use whatever your tongue pleases.

Nutritional Value: Tofu has protein, calcium, and Iron.

Eggplant. Why don’t you create an eggplant kebab? Remember, don’t cut it thinly. I would advise you to put the eggplants in salted water for 10 – 15 minutes before grilling it. This is to remove the bitterness of the vegetable.

Nutritional Value: Eggplants are known to be a great source of dietary fiber. And do you know that it contains very less calories.

Salmon. You can make your very own Grilled Rosemary – Salmon Skewers. Use rosemary branches as skewers. Isn’t that smart? Ensure that you will properly oil your grill. You wouldn’t want your salmon to stick there. The taste of minced rosemary is to die for!

Nutritional Value: It is a good source of Omega 3. Apart from that, it’s also a source of low calorie Vitamin A, B Complex, selenium and protein.

Chicken. Before grilling your chicken, you might want to marinate it in onions, peppers and olive oil. It would be very delicious. For sure, your friends would go crazy for your chicken BBQ.

Nutritional Value: It is a fine source of protein. You can also get calcium and potassium from it.

Who says that healthy food should be tasteless? The above options proved that wrong. You can still enjoy your BBQ party even without the fattening steaks and greasy meals. Start a new trend of having a very healthy BBQ party with your family and friends.

Tommy is a content contributor and freelance writer for edrugstore.