Getting Ripped: Starting Things Up, Keeping the Momentum

Men have nice bodies for a number of reasons: They have a body that is nice enough for themselves and their significant intimate others. They have a job that makes it. Maybe they are blessed with genes that just make it so – though doing nothing only rarely results in a nice body. Or, they work at it. Working at it usually has one of two goals – getting large or getting ripped.

These are not mutually exclusive, a bulky guy can get ripped, and a ripped guy can go for more bulk. Bulk is usually caused by fluid in the muscle; being ripped usually requires muscles trained to achieve high density. This dense growth is called myofibrillar hypertrophy. The focus is on building decent muscle size (not ridiculously huge) and then shaping and defining that muscle.

Getting Started on Getting Ripped
For whatever reason (You don’t like what you see in the mirror?) you’ve decided your body needs some work. You decide against going for the bulk, like most traditional body builders, but you do want decent muscles that look good and work well. So you start cruising the web.
Choose a Program
– You know your lifestyle and what changes YOU can accommodate. You find some programs that have an exercise frequency, equipment requirements, and a diet plan that could work for you. Pick the best, remembering that you can always switch.
– Most getting-ripped programs go through three phases: quick muscular gains, hardening those gains, and then defining those muscles.
– Training for getting-ripped builds denser muscle. This requires lower repetitions of lifts and other muscle toning exercises while training. Rest is an important factor too.
Get a Coach
Will your program require a coach? Some websites offer virtual coaches. For some, this is an adequate way to train, at least in the beginning. If you would feel more comfortable or more empowered with a personal trainer, that could lead you to the next step.
Get Your Equipment or Join a Gym
Joining a gym could be the right move for you, especially if you want access to a personal trainer. The expense of equipment might nudge you in the direction of joining a gym as well. Room available at home for training can be an incentive.
Get Some Buddies
Joining a gym, you will have the exhortations of a personal trainer to pull you through. You’ll also have the opportunity of developing some friendships that could be helpful during training, and also helpful for keeping you motivated when discipline starts to lag. However, online buddies and virtual coaches can provide this incentive as well.
Set Your Goals
This hearkens back to choosing a program. Before you start training, virtual web coaches will help you determine your present condition and what you need to do to reach a certain level. A personal trainer will do this on your first or second trip to the gym. This requires scales and a tape measure. You might want to get some pix of guys you’d like to emulate.

Focus on Two Big Issues for Getting Ripped
To grow anything, from a field of corn to nicely rounded biceps, you need the proper nutrients. You also need the discipline to check your farm, or your arms, on a daily basis, and supply each with the proper amount of work and upkeep to keep them flourishing. Nutrition and motivation are the two of the greatest necessary elements in a getting-ripped body building program.
Focus on Nutrition
– Since you are seeking to grow your body, many trainers contend that the success of your diet will play the largest part in your body-building success.
– You will need to find foods that fit your schedule. You need foods that you can get a hold of on a regular and sustainable basis. You will want to choose natural or organic foods as much as possible. You may need to start eating every three or four hours.
– You will need to track your nutrition. You must be precise in measuring the portion sizes and the calories consumed. Most programs require a regimen of calories requiring 50% from protein, 30% from carbohydrates, 20% from fats.
– You will have to become concerned with your resting metabolic rate (breathing, pumping blood, etc.), active burn metabolic rate (walking, cleaning, etc.), and exercise burn metabolic rate (after a strenuous workout). These will help determine your nutrition requirements.
– Understanding calorie deficits and surpluses and how they work will be essential. Did you know that sometimes eating more can actually help you lose weight?
– Getting ripped means getting a very low body-fat ratio.
Focus on Motivation
– Document everything. Seeing your progress is so important to staying motivated. You need to keep charts recording pounds and inches. Take pictures of yourself on a regular basis. This helps you measure your success and see where you need work. Success and looking to higher goals are both great motivators.
– Have a mirror. Gyms have mirrored walls for good reason. They help you check your training and see your progress. Mirrors aren’t a matter of narcissism, they are a matter of success. Have a couple around if you train at home.
– Share your successes. This is especially easy in a gym environment, especially with a personal trainer. However, many virtual gyms have forums wherein members can share their pictures and their successes with other members and their virtual coaches. This exchange works quite well for many training to get ripped.

Even More Motivation
A research study at UCLA not too long ago suggests that gals are attracted to muscular guys. The study quantified an association between muscularity and “success” with women. A first impression regarding muscularity in selecting short-term and long-term partners is very important to women. Muscularity in a male demonstrates testosterone and a strong immune system, which tells women that the guy is in good condition.

Make a Commitment
No matter your reason for contemplating a getting-ripped exercise plan, understand that it will require much discipline and an exacting attention to detail regarding diet and nutrition. The results, both in health and looks, is very much worth the effort. Right there you have enough incentive to make a commitment to a successful getting-ripped program. You can change your life, and there you have your motivation.

About the Author:

Aileen Pablo and Joyce Del Rosario are part of the team behind Open Colleges, one of Australia’s leading providers of Nutrition Courses and Personal Training Courses.