Getting over your ex by using a Dating Site

Nothing is worse than going through a break-up and moving through the sluggish days of mourning.  It is painful and sad, but we’ve all faced heartache and know how difficult it can be to overcome.  You have doubtlessly read many articles on the best way to ease the pain and move forward.  There is no magic remedy; you simply need to push through the hard times until the pain lessens and the breakup is reduced to a mere memory and no longer has control of your emotions.  There are many ways to distract yourself and forget your ex, and one of those solutions is to use a dating site to help you meet new people.


If you’re not ready to date right away, that’s perfectly fine, but eventually you’ll need to get social again.  Using a dating site doesn’t necessarily mean you must immediately immerse yourself into finding the next love of your life, but it will give you an opportunity to ease yourself back into the dating world without a lot at stake.  If you’re at all squeamish about dating someone new, continue to meet and talk with potential dates online.  You can take it as slowly as you want, and dating online eliminates all the pressure of meeting someone new in person when you’re not quite ready to do so.


When you find someone who interests you on a dating site, let them know you’re not quite ready to commit yourself 100 percent to dating.  Let them know that you are just coming out of a break-up period and not looking for someone on the rebound.  You are, however, hoping to meet some new people who can get you out of your rut and back into the social swing.  Most people will appreciate your honesty.  Don’t be surprised if some of the folks you meet decide to bow out because they’re looking for someone who is more committed to finding a long-term partnership.  If they are no longer interested in conversing with you or eventually meeting you, you must respect that.  A lot of people carry around baggage from previous relationships, and most of us would rather not take that on, especially when your wounds are so fresh.


However, you may be pleasantly surprised with the quality of people you will meet.  Love certainly doesn’t need to be in the offing, and many platonic relationships have been forged through dating sites as well as romantic ones.  The most important thing is to be upfront with your goals and never lead anyone into thinking you want more than you are capable of giving at the present time.


Eventually, your heartache will end.  It always does.  Even though it’s a cliché—it’s definitely true that time heals all wounds.  In the meantime, you don’t need to sit at home watching television by yourself.  Go out in the world; make some new friends, brush up your social skills and be ready when the next dating opportunity comes along.


About the Author: Debbie Lamedman is a highly sought after dating expert. Her advice frequently appears on Dating Site Reviews.





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