In the beggining was the word and the word was mine. This is the first thing i shall etch onto the pages of the endless scrolls of web we call the internet. So as i challenge myself to begin this epic canadian story, i must endure cold tim hortons coffee and stale cigarettes. johnny cash to help out in the background and this epic tale never told shall begin, in what I call GENESIS. …. Imagine, imagine a world where the noise has been toned down and the masses have been eraticated by famine and disease and war. Imagine a gigantic shift in climate and 3 billion human lives lost. John Sprak remembers a sunny day once when he sat in his back yard, his son chasing the dog around and his wife in the lush gardens, giving the gift of water to the thirsty plants. How could one man endure the cold and black world that stands at his doorway when he used to bask in the warmth of a shimmering life…… to be continued….

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