GENESIS part 2

From part 1

Imagine, imagine a world where the noise has been toned down and the masses have been eraticated by famine and disease and war. Imagine a gigantic shift in climate and 3 billion human lives lost.

And the story continues…

Outside the sheltered remains of a once happy home runs a river of grime and urine. With no system of any form of government or rule, the streets of this desolate city are ruled by one group. The Rage Comers, R.C. as the locals know them, are a faction that gathered together after the great fallout. The RC consists of surviving members of the Hells Angels, The MS-13 and the Triads. When their numbers were eradicated in the destruction, they formed the RC out of fear of losing their combined power over the streets and now in this lawless new world, it was easy for them to con-join. When John Sprak walked out his front door, he always looked down at the cracked sidewalks and never looked up at the blackened skys. …. To be continued…..






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