Free Music

music Free music for all, well for a small membership fee. The offline way to get free music. I have been getting hundreds of songs from every band for years now. The secret to getting almost free music is to go out and get a library card from your local public library. The fee at my local public library is $12.00 for adults. You can use your library card to borrow books, DVDs, music CDs, videos, book CDs and back issues of magazines. You can borrow 30 CDs for 3 weeks, giving you lots of time to rip the music into your personal library. So if their is an average of 12 songs per CD and you can check out 30 CDs at one time, you can get 360 songs every time you visit the library. Not to bad for only paying a $12.00 membership fee per year. Most libraries can order in CDs you can’t find from other libraries allowing you to get pretty much anything you are looking for. You also get to choose the quality that you rip the music at. I have amassed a pretty good music collection by visiting my public library.

You can also use your time to get a good book, checkout some DVDs, or do some offline research for some new blog posts.





4 responses to “Free Music”

  1. Loren Avatar

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. My library doesn’t have any current music CD’s, but when they do I’m on it.

    1. Dave Avatar

      Between me and my old room mate , we ripped so much music. A lot of it I may never listen to.

  2. I'm an expert about DJ headphones Avatar

    Very creative site. I’m impressed!