Free car give away


Prija from Cash for Comments is running a one of a kind contest at his other blog, blogging the movie. He is giving away a car to one lucky blogger. The contest page gives details on how is to raise the money to buy the car. He also plans on giving a car to his little sister who is on her way to college. By participating in this contest and buying one of the 500 advertisement spots you get you name on both Scion TC’s, two 200 word min. reviews, and a Permanent Link on

So selling 500 ads @ $100 each is $50000, where is all the money going. Well check out his break down:

1. Scion tC (for my little sister) = $17,800
2. Scion tC (to give away in a blog contest)= $17,800
3. Stickers ads= $1,000-1,500
4. BlogWorldExpo booth = $2,500-$10,000
5. Initial Filming = $2,000-$10,000

Net $9,000/-$7060

The visit to the Blog World Expo should get  allot of hype going for Prija’s movie. I look forward to seeing the results of this contest, and anticipate the movie even more.






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  1. CASH for COMMENTS Avatar

    congrats you won the early bird drawing.!!! send me your address at prijap [at] so i can send you the Book.