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  2. Tips for Body Building

    Thanks for the post, i haven’t heard of those benefits from yoghurt and coffee before. luckily i eat yoghurt and drink coffee all the time 🙂

  3. Diane

    Loved your article – especially the part about the coffee. Throughout the last couple of years especially, I read so many articles about the great benefits of coffee that I actually created a file on Coffee. When certain people come down on me for drinking coffee (I consider myself a moderate drinker), I am always ready to show them the latest news about the benefits of coffee. One of the latest statements made is they believe now coffee has many antioxidants in it. There's also been radio broadcasts as well as articles about coffee reducing the risk of Parkinson's and colon cancer. I can go on and on. The only really notable thing that is found wrong with coffee is, of course, the caffeine. So, if you have trouble sleeping or are sensitive to caffeine, you probably should not indulge.

    Thanks for the great article.

  4. Anonymous

    When losing weight, it's important to replace the lost mass with muscle. You'll look better and healthier than someone who is starved and malnourished. Good article.

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  5. Milo

    great article. It's very important to know what you're doing when you're working to build muscle weight and to understand that one has to combine exercise and food in order to succeed. Being lax with one or another will affect your whole bodybuilding process! The food issue is especially important. I try to emphasize to visitors to my site http://www.gaining-weights.org that while eating a lot is key to gaining weight that 1) doesn't mean you'll get fat (as long as you're exercising) but 2) it's not a license to stuff yourself with junkfood. Ultimately it's the quality rather than the quantity of what you eat that determines whether the weight you put on will be in muscle or fat.

  6. Indian Recipes

    Eggs have many benefits and from you i knew that it helps in gaining muscle.That's great .Gaining muscles by eating our favorite food is a good option.

  7. Kosher Beef Jerky

    Beef is a potential option in all food options to maintain a sound health. In the nutritious food options, Beef Jerky can be chosen as a healthy food because it maintains all requirements to provide a healthy food.

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    Beef is a potential connection of all the nutrients required in muscle building,for it is ultimately the quality rather than the quantity of what you eat.It is healthy, when taken at least twice or thrice per week.

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