Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As They Seem Part III

Pasta primaveraBagel with Cream Cheese Spread (700 cal, 40g fat, 13g saturated fat)

Bagels are terrible. The bagel itself has 300 calories and 60g of carbs. Add the cream cheese about the typically 4 oz breakfast chains use and your bagel breakfast became worse than a Whopper. Get rid of the bagels entirely and make yourself a cheese omelette. It will save you calories, provide your body with protein and help give your metabolism a boost.

Pasta Primavera (800 cal, 40g fat, 12g saturated fat)

Sure you have some veggies in your pasta but any benefit they may give you is diminished when you add the butter and cream. If you’re feeling the need for pasta look for red based sauces like marinara. Even so having 2 slices of veggie pizza may be a better option. Just be sure to opt for thin crust because pan and deep dish pizzas have double the calories.

Dried Fruit (175 cal, 45g sugar)

Dried fruit won’t be a total disaster but it isn’t without its flaws. First because the fruit is dehydrated it takes away from the volume of fruit causing you to eat more. Many of the companies that produce these products also add a ton of sugar to the fruit. Instead opt for fresh fruit which has way fewer calories and  contains natural sugar.

Fish Sandwich (600cal, 30g fat, 11g saturated fat)

Yes, fish is healthy. Batter it up and toss it in the deep fryer cover it in cheese and tartar sauce and your looking at a disaster. When you order fish make sure its grilled. Avoid “crispy” or “battered” menu items. Instead of tartar sauce opt for lemon juice, ketchup or even mustard.

Margarine 1tbsp (100cal, 11g fat, 2.5 saturated fat, 2.5 trans fat)

In attempts to remove saturated fat companies have created a spread loaded with trans fat with more links to heart disease then saturated fat. Skip the margarine and use whipped butter which decreases the calories and is easy to spread.