Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As They Seem Part I

You have made the decision to lose weight and get healthy. You’ve given up your sodas and burgers for what you think are healthier options, but don’t be fooled that salad or sandwich may not be as healthy as they seem. Here are some examples.

Bran Muffins (420 Calories, 20 g of fat)

For some reason people are under the impression that muffins are healthy but bran muffins contain two things your body doesn’t want or need which is sugar and refined flour. This will just set you up for a crash. If you want a healthier option have ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. Not only does this have less calories and fat it’s filled with lots of protein.

Chicken Caesar Salad (Dinner size 900 cal, 60 g fat)

Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy. The Caesar salad is especially bad, smothered in dressing, parmesan, croutons and fried chicken pieces. Instead opt for grilled chicken on mixed greens. Skip the creamy dressing and parmesan and use a vinaigrette.

Tuna melt (900 cal, 50 g fat)

You’re probably saying to yourself “Isn’t tuna healthy. Well of course it is when it comes out of the can. Turn it into a tuna melt and your talking layers of mayo and cheese. If you want a tasty sandwich try making it with ham or roast beef which are packed with protein and surprisingly lean.

Chicken Wrap (700 cal, 35 g fat)

The worst part of this is the wrap which contains up to 400 calories. Normally a tortilla packed full of nothing but starch and fat. Take into account the large surface which means you can just smother the dressing and add tons of ingredients. Instead have a grilled chicken on a bun. Instead of using high calorie mayo use mustard or salsa.

Turkey Burger (500 cal, 50 g fat)

Just because it is turkey doesn’t mean that it’s good for you. Depending on the type of ground turkey and the toppings that are chosen it may end up being more unhealthier. Instead opt for using sirloin which is full of protein which will keep you feeling full longer.





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