Five Scariest Things Ever Found in the Bathroom

Bathrooms are private places, so you’d expect to feel comfortable in a place where you take care of your private business. Unfortunately, that’s not always so. Most people picture things going down the toilet, but would you ever imagine having some nasty critter come up out of it? Well, it can happen–and has. Here are five of the creepiest, most disgusting things you could find the next time you’re naked and vulnerable or relieving your bowels.


1) Snakes


If you think that snakes on a plane are a problem, think again. You’ll have a much bigger issue at hand if you don’t realize that one of these things is approaching from below while you’re popping a squat. People have found all kinds of legless things coming from their pipes including smaller venomous snakes and monstrous boa constrictors. They can make their way into your home through pipes that lead to the sewers, and that’s a very scary thing.


2) Lizards


The fun doesn’t end with snakes, my friend. Many lizards also like to live in marine environments, and nothing feels more like home than a moist bathtub or toilet bowl. Lizards can be very dangerous because their bites can transfer a ton of infectious pathogens. Lizard mouths are some of the most filthy in the animal kingdom, so you don’t ever want to get “kissed” by one of these dirty boys.


3) Possums


Possums are one of the most disgusting creatures out there. They look like giant rats with big, old teeth and beady eyes. Luckily, momma and papa possum usually can’t fit through the plumbing into our homes. It’s the babies that end up in our bathrooms. While a baby possum might not look so intimidating, it will be once you figure out that it has rabies or some other potentially lethal disease.


4) Spiders


There probably isn’t an animal out there that scares more people than the spider. Spiders simply look frightening, and it doesn’t help that they can be extremely poisonous either. Spiders can enter practically any area of any home, but people don’t usually expect to find them under a toilet seat or hanging onto a shower curtain.


5) Rats


Rats are nasty little vermin, but they aren’t particularly dangerous–unless they come in packs. Once in a while, a rat will find its way into a bathroom through a toilet. These animals are most feared because they are known carriers of crippling diseases, and no one wants to die by rat bite.



With all of these potential dangers, the people who are stuck with using portal urination devices might just be the lucky ones. Bathroom goers beware. You never know what might be lurking in that hard-to-see spot.