Find the Right Bowling Shirt for Your Personality

When it comes to fashion, you’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of just how stylish men’s bowling shirts are in the arena of style! It isn’t as simple as just heading online and buying bowling shirts, however, you need to put a bit of time into it and consider the right type of bowling clothing for your particular personality…
…there is, of course, only one real way of accomplishing this objective – looking at bowling legends committed to celluloid and establishing which personality is most suited to you! There are some absolutely astounding bowling clothes captured in the movies and television and you’re sure to find a reflection of your personality in one of our excellent examples!
So, which of the descriptions best matches your personality and bowling style?

The Unhinged Bowler:
If you like to live on the wild side and have a little of the devil in you, then you may well want to take your style / bowling shirts tips from the inimitable Jesus from the seminal bowling movie, The Big Lebowski. Whilst his mental state is questionable, his style is beyond question and if you think you find yourself in this category, some of the men’s bowling shirts below may be the perfect fit (pun semi-intended):







The Lothario:
Charlie Sheen, in his role as Charlie Parker in Two and a Half Men, has almost single handed rejuvenated the image of bowling shirts and thrust them into the limelight for all the right reasons (and some wrong ways, no doubt)! There are very few scenes within Two and a Half Men where Sheen isn’t seen wearing a bowling shirt of some description and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a womaniser / lothario, you won’t go far wrong taking tips from renowned lady’s man, Sheen. If you want a shirt to replicate this Hollywood icon, some of the attire below will tick the right boxes:







The Maverick:
If there has been a funnier incarnation of a bowler ever seen on the silver screen, then I am yet to witness him. I, of course, am talking about Ernie McCracken from the Farrelly Brother’s movie, Kingpin! A style guru, lady-killer and a bit of underhanded fellow, truth be told, Ernie McCracken definitely helped improve the stylishness of bowling clothing in my eyes and I haven’t been able to look at men’s bowling shirts in the same way since first witnessing Bill Murray in the impressive number below:
You’d be hard-pressed not to be bowled over (pun fully intended) by the shirt sported by Big Ern’ in the picture above. If you want to paint yourself with the ‘Maverick’ brush, there is plenty of bowling shirts for men that will set you in the right direction – such as some of these pictured below:







So, there you have it – which of our bowling characters above best fits your own style personality? To be honest though, you really can’t go wrong with a bowling shirt, so just buy whichever one you want!
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