Family Guy Quotes 6

Trisha Takanawa: Diane, I am standing outside that Park Barrington Hotel because they don’t allow Asians inside.

Joe: Maybe Peter took the trophy, he wanted it all along.
Peter: I couldn’t have taken in, I was to busy breakin’ into Joe’s garage stealin’ his ladder so I could steal the trophy tonight.
Lois: Peter!
Peter: What? It’s a ladder, he can’t use it. It’s like takin’ a watch off a dead guy.

Stewie (to death): Love your work.

Government Agent: You’re mentally unfit to take care of your children.
Peter: NO!
Chris: NO!
Meg: NO!
Stewie: FINALLY!

Peter: I’m getting an Audi!
Brian: Peter, there’s a “T.” That says “Audit”
Peter: No, Brian, it’s a foreign car, the “T” is silent. Sweet, I’m getting an Audi!

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  1. Carl Avatar

    The Audi skit reminds me of one episode from the Golden Girls. They went to a funeral home to bury a neighbor whom no one liked.

    Dorothy: So, Mr Pfeiffer …
    Pfeiffer: It’s Pa Feiffer. P is not silent.
    Dorothy: Oh, Mr. Pa Feiffer. We are here to arrange a Pa funeral.
    Pfeiffer: Aww… You are planning ahead for your mother.
    Sophia: How would you like me to punch your Pa face?