Sexy Sunday 2

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta in 1979. Her hobbies include ice skating, canoeing, and even rock climbing. When Evangeline was younger she wasn’t interested in becoming famous. Her main interest was in charitable causes. She briefly lived in the Philippines where she did missionary work. The humanitarian work however was not paying her tuition so when she got approached by a talent agent she reluctantly accepted. Her modeling work led to small acting roles in Freddy Vs Jason, Smallville and the Lizzie McGuire movie. However her big break came from accepting her role in Lost.





4 responses to “Sexy Sunday 2”

  1. Jerad Kaliher Avatar

    It might actually be worth watching Lost just to watch her in action.

  2. Loren Avatar

    Not as good as the first one, but HEY!

  3. Dave Avatar

    Still not too Bad. And yeah She would make Lost worth while.

  4. blogging Avatar

    Previous one was better. But it looks sexy also. Keep on posting