Hi my name is Dave and I am an Entreholic.

There I said it. Isn’t that the first step, admitting to your problem. I am addicted to Entrecard. I drop on average of 190 cards per day.carddrops I have book marked groups of 10 blogs into 19 different folders and open each folder to drop cards. I’m going to step this up some and book mark some more.

sunday 002 I use two monitors so I can open up two browsers and have 20 blogs going at a time. I find if I open up two many tabs Firefox gets to slow and eats up way too much memory.

I spend about an hour each day opening all the blogs that I have book marked and dropping cards on them. So far since starting with Entrecard I have dropped 3924 cards. I guess that’s why when a meme for the top card dropper starts I get tagged by so many blogs. So far 14 blogs have tagged me in their meme.

So not only do I have all these book marks I started to do Stumble search’s for blogs that write about Entrecard. I stumble and drop. And most recently I was reading on someone’s blog how they try and see how far the trail goes when you click on the card displayed on you own blog. So I click the card, drop my card and go on to the next blog. So far I have only gone to five other blogs. The fifth blog was a parked page. Be interesting who far you can go down the trail and the different blogs you would come to.

The problem with my card dropping I’m not providing good traffic to all of your blogs. I will stop and read the occasional post from time to time. Especially when I stop at A Strange Life. But I rarely leave any comments. Maybe I should take more time and read all of the great post that I’m just passing by, or maybe click an ad or two. Maybe that would make me feel better for being an Entreholic.

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