Entrecard Support Rocks

Entrecard so far has been great for sending new traffic to my blog and I am also getting to find a lot of blogs that I may have never seen. Hell even John Chow stopped by and checked my site out and I was pretty lucky to get an ad spot on his blog on December 27. I also have a spot on John Cow for December 21.

This is all great but when I set up the service, I missed typed my email address . Now I can’t get it changed to the right one. I mixed up two letters in the address. I let support know on December 4 about my error and it is still not fixed. They did reply and asked what I would like it to be changed to, but still nothing,  that was December 6. December 11 I  asked once again  is it possible to have my email changed . They replied  saying they would have a developer  fix it that night. Well it is December 18  and  I still have the wrong email address.

This really sucks. I cannot get any mail from the Entrecard service. And I will loose all my credits and ad spots if I reapply with the right email address. I guess I should have doubles checked my typing when I signed up.

I still think the service is awesome. Great source of visitors and discovery. I just wish they would fix my email address.





6 responses to “Entrecard Support Rocks”

  1. Dave Avatar

    LoL, I don't know what's great. I guess it's my fault that I screwed up my own email address. I just would like some support and have it changed.

  2. web tools Avatar

    Great going Dave.

  3. Felix Avatar

    I guess the rush of subscribers to Entrecard is overwhelming they don't have enough support staff to cope. Entrecard has increased everyones traffic beyond expectations so we can forgive them a bit for such negligence don't you think ? Maybe you'd just keep reminding them to change your email right?

  4. Dave Avatar

    Your right. I definitely seen an increase in traffic. I do understand that they are busy with this great service. It was actually my fault that it was incorrect, but must sites and services you need to verify to use. Since I wrote this post Entrecard support has addressed the issue, and I thank them for fixing my screw-up.

  5. Mert Erkal Avatar

    Even i visited your blog through entrecard. Who is John Chow, anyway?


  6. Dave Avatar

    @Mert, John Chow is a blogger that has been making a lot of money online, he made $27,240.83 in November. His blog income have been on a steady rise since 2006. You should check him out.