Do your Part, Recycle

recycleMany people don’t take the time to participate in local recycling programs. This is such an important thing to do. When everyone participates we really can make a difference. So gather up those newspapers, empty pop cans, milk jugs and everything that can be recycled and recycle them. I don’t know about everywhere but I have to pay deposits on the pop I drink, and I get it back when I return my empties. I really like to drink pop so the empties really add up, I also keep any empties that I drink at work and throw them in the trunk of my car. This is my way of keeping some waste out of the local land fill.

There are so many benefits to recycling. Not only are we limiting the waste put in our landfills but we are creating jobs, saving money & resources and saving the environment.

Here is a link for more recycling related material, Alberta Recycling.
This is a small contribution of many that are involved in Blog Action Day.





One response to “Do your Part, Recycle”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    I totally missed out on something with this blog action day. I was wondering why I was going around seeing all these environmentally related posts.

    Its still good to see, though. I’m glad people are waking up and smelling the greenhouse gas.