Diseases You Thought You Were to Young to Get

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease normally affects people over 50 but 1 in 20 people under 40 will end up with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s affects brain cells. Dopamine is a chemical that signals the brain to help with coordination and movement. Dopamine-producing brain cells die in people with Parkinson’s.

Some symptoms may include a tremor in one of your hands, slowness or stiff muscles. Other symptoms include depression, urinary urgency and bad sleep.


When people think of arthritis they normally think of the elderly but the truth is that arthritis affects people of all ages.

Arthritis sufferers deal with inflamed joints and experience a lot of pain especially when they are moving.

Typically people with experience, pain, fatigue, and stiffness which may be better or worse on some days.


Not just old people suffer from impotence about 7 % of men between 20-40 will experience erectile dysfunction.

Men who suffer from ED are unable to maintain or achieve an erection. The reason could be psychological, stress, work related, reaction to prescription drugs or even cholesterol.


Is when you can’t control your urination. Normally your muscles would stop from passing urine until your bladder is full but for some reason people with incontinence don’t have that control.


Though Glaucoma is normally related to age it can also be hereditary. If someone in your family suffers from it then you are 4-9 times more likely to develop it.

Glaucoma begins to steal your eye sight. Your optic nerve allows you to get images from your eyes to your brain but glaucoma causes damage to the eye.

Signs may include eye pain, eye redness, tunnel vision or even loss of peripheral vision.






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