1. Dave

    Let me know if you install the widget, I can drop a card.

  2. web tools

    Nice find Dave.
    Looks like social networking is having yet another application. the best part of these Web 2.0 services is that they are free to join and give you traffic.
    The promoters have the advantage that the content is user driven, and these applications run on their own.

    Bookmarking it to my favorites.

  3. Andy

    I gotta tell ya, Entrecard is great. I have received 3 times the comments and my traffic really has gone up. Not only is it traffic but I think it is good quality traffic. After all, I found this site via EC.

  4. Dave

    @Andy, I must say I have noticed the increase in traffic also. Plus I got a visit from John Chow Today. At least the Big Guys check out the little bloggers too.

  5. Web tools

    Hi Dave,
    I am also on the Entrecard.
    Let\s see.
    I dropped my card here.

  6. Jessica R

    Just came across your post. I found it informative for me and I’m sure many others. I did also have small trouble subscribing to the blog but figured it out; I’m still a 2-finger typist 🙂 . Thank you and keep your blogging spirit going strong.

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