Digital Business Card

entrecard logo It appears that Entrecard is getting real popular. Entrecard is a way to network with other bloggers. It is business card 2.0. Where ever you see the Entrecard widget you can drop your widget, whenever you drop our card you earn credits. You also earn credits when someone else drops their card on your widget. The credits can be used to buy free advertising on a blog that is displaying the widget. Some of the biggest bloggers like John Chow and Problogger are users of Entrecard. Giving you a chance to get some free advertising on their blogs. It’s not all about getting free advertising it also introduces you to new blogs and builds a bigger community. When you visit a blog with the widget read their post and leave some meaningful comments. I joined on December 2 and I have found new blogs to read, some have commented on some post and I have received traffic (not much, 79 visitors so far). So join in on Entrecard and get involved in some social blogging, drop some cards, leave some comments and get new visitors to your blog, and hopefully get some returning visitors.

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