Dealing With Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a type of fungus that is found within the moist spaces between the toes and sometimes on other parts of the foot.

If you think you may have athlete’s foot look for these symptoms; itching, stinging, burning, excessive dryness along the sides and bottom of your feet and cracking and peeling of the skin on your feet. Also pay attention to your toenails if they are discoloured, shaggy or pulling away from the nail bed then you may have athlete’s foot.

Athletes foot can be caused by contact with someone else who has the infection, contact with something that has been in contact with fungus such as floor mats, swimming pools, public showers, shoes, bed linens, etc.

To prevent athlete’s foot make sure you dry your feet especially in between your toes. Wear socks made from natural materials that keep moisture away from your feet like cotton and wool. Change your socks regularly, avoid rubber shoes and other synthetic materials, protect your feet in public places by wearing flip flops in public showers and pools, use antifungal powders daily and don’t share shoes or socks.





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