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Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd was born in Liverpool England in 1983. At 3 months of age she suffered from a bad case of whooping cough which weakened her lungs severely and she suffered from asthma soon after. Despite her state she still managed to be an active child running and dancing. Danielle even competed nationally for the Acrobatics Liverpool team. By age 16 she was entering many competitions for modeling. Tragedy struck Danielle the night before she was to compete in a pageant she was severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend. She had gravel embedded all over her body, cuts and bruises; she even lost most of her hair and had her car run over her arm. Despite all her injuries she competed in the competition and placed in the top 7. Even though it was a horrific event in her life competing helped Danielle regain confidence and dignity. She won many impressive titles including; Miss Hawaiian Tropics (Great Britain), Miss Velvet Lounge (Liverpool.)On 2004 Danielle was named Miss England and was invited to compete in the Miss World Pageant. Unfortunately her glory for winning Miss Great Britain was short lived when it was made known that she was dating one of the pageant judges ; Terry Sheringham and that she bared all in an issue of Playboy and she was later stripped of her crown. Though most women would be upset Danielle took it quite well. In 2007 she was on celebrity Big Brother she thought it would be a fun filled experience but things changed when she and follow housemates were accused of making racists remarks about a Bollywood actress. Due to the backlash Danielle lost most of her 6 figure contracts with modeling agencies and her relationship with Sheringham ended. Since then Danielle has managed to bounce back she has become the new face of Ladbrokes Poker and has gotten a publishing contract to write about her experiences in the Celebrity Big Brother house.





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