Crying for Help

This news is dated and no longer breaking news but in Ohio, on September 9, 2003 The Beacon Journal reported that a gentleman (I use that term loosely) reported that he was the victim of a rather unusual crime.

Apparently he was at home minding his own business (masturbating while watching porn) when another obviously disturbed gentleman broke into the basement apartment and forced the man to continue fondling himself while he held a gun on him AND a video camera.

The deranged criminal proceeded to then feed the victim’s dog magic mushrooms, ultimately killing the beast.

My questions regarding this are;

A. At what point do you not disclose everything to the police?

B. At what point do you not disclose anything to the police and retain some semblance of dignity?

C. The victims still was able to stay aroused during the ordeal?

D. Who is more disturbed, the victim or the perp?

E. At what point did the victim realize he was crying for help?

I think both cases are good examples of in the wild, why some animals eat their young.





2 responses to “Crying for Help”

  1. Nadine Avatar

    Is it bad that I find this funny! It’s not, but.. it is!

  2. Sandy Avatar

    I find this very funny….it’s very sad in so many ways but very very funny nonetheless.