Surf’s Up: 6 Gnarly Must-Try Surf Spots

If you’re ready for warm weather, it’s time to show off your moves and escape to one of the world’s best surfing spots. Many of them not only offer killer waves, but also have plenty of entertainment to keep you busy when you’re not in the water.

It’s time to pack your suitcase, throw in your boardshorts and shades – and get moving. Here are our top picks for surfing destinations, whether your budget is large or small:

#1: Mavericks, CA – If you’re really looking for a challenge, escape to Mavericks, CA where you’ll find waves that rise to as high as 25 meters. Those who surf here should plan to bring a jet ski and a tow-in expert with them because mastering this wave would make you part of an elite circle.

How do I get there? Fly into Half Moon Bay Airport (HAF) and take a Jet Ski or boat to the wave. But, talk to the experts before attempting because the last thing you want to do is approach it at the wrong angle.

#2: Surfrider Beach – Malibu, CA – For something a little more laid back, check out Surfrider Beach that’s long been known as a premier surfing beach. Perfect swells are created by Malibu Point, so grab your long board and head out for the day.

How do I get there? Fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Long Beach Airport (LGB) and hop on the Pacific Coast Highway.

#3: Watergate Bay – Cornwall, England – How’s this for somewhere you didn’t expect? Try out Watergate Bay for surfing with a little English charm. The beach is much less crowded and features waves between 1 and 10 feet high. And, when you’re finished with your time in the sun, check out the local bistro on the beach that serves fresh seafood and steak.

How do I get there? Fly into Newquay Airport (NQY) and take a taxi to the beach.

#4: Tamarindo Beach – Tamarindo, Costa Rica – Situated amongst some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful scenery, this beach stretches one third of a mile and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Waves reach heights of up to 10 feet and as you’re waiting for the next one, you’re sure to hear parakeets and monkeys in the background.

How do I get there? Fly into Tamarindo Airport (TNO) and take a taxi to the beach.

#5: Hanalei Bay, HI – This horseshoe shaped bay offers ideal conditions for those who love to surf. The bay is the largest on Kauai and is known for its overhead tubes, consistently great waves, and stunning waterfalls in the background.

How do I get there? Fly into Princeville Airport (HPV) and take a taxi. The drive is short – just three miles away.

#6: Surfer’s Point – Barbados – Located on the southeast coast of Barbados, Surfer’s Point is known amongst the locals as one of the best spots to catch a wave. It’s great for beginners and intermediates – and is also popular for those who want to windsurf, kite surf, and boogie board.

How do I get there? Fly into Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) and take a taxi to the beach.

Next time you’re planning a vacation filled with surf and sun, consider the beaches above. They’ll make for an exciting, adventurous vacation.

About the Author:
Cindy Prosser modeled swimwear in a past life… but now that she’s a part-time freelance writer and full-time mom she has embraced a new passion: helping you look great in board shorts for men from Bare Necessities. Like Bare Necessities on Facebook for HUGE sales and be sure to get the Bare Necessities coupon!

Top 5 Most Expensive Sports to Play

The best thing about sports is that almost anyone who has talent and desire to play can participate in them. However, anyone who has played a sport professionally knows that spending money to make your game better is very important. You will have to spend on training, expensive sports gear, club memberships and so much more to stay at the top of your game if you wish to be a professional player. Here are the top 5 most expensive sports to play.
This has to be the most expensive sport out there. The horses that take part in these races cost thousands of dollars, plus a lot more than just the cost is spent on their maintenance and training. You have to arrange for stables, maintenance facilities and a good caretaker for your horse as well so that he/she stays in top shape for racing. It also requires a lot of time for a person to bond with the horse and become good a horse racer.
No matter which racing circuit you join, you have to own a top sports car. The price of the car is the main cost in this sport which should be a few million dollars easily. Thankfully maintenance costs a few thousand dollars from time to time and then you have to pay the pit crew as well. If you are an amazing driver then you can even get sponsorships to cover all costs.
Anyone who has played golf will tell you that the game is not as easy as it might seem to a bystander. It takes a lot of training to get good at the game and you need to own the finest gold clubs that cost thousands of dollars. Plus, you need to be a member of a golf club to be able to play there regularly. Golf club memberships are not just difficult to get but are also extremely expensive. And all this is just for playing golf at a leisurely level.
Figure skating is not just about expensive skating gear; it requires a lot of training. And for a beginner it easily costs more than $10,000 a year to obtain training from a good institute or trainer. As you move ahead trainings start to cost you more and you need an ice rink to practice that is not available everywhere.
Same as golf, tennis is a game that is expensive to play. The tennis equipment needs to be top notch because you don?t want the racket breaking between a game. Training is necessary to play the game well. To play the game leisurely is easy because it can be played on any court. To play the game professionally you will need to hire trainers to improve your game.

Allan loves golf and enjoys writing about it. When he is not blogging, Allan advices people on golf clubs and golf equipment.

4 Martial Arts That Kick Ass

In my world at least, being able to defend yourself when the moment arises with skills learnt from painting houses and waxing cars is somewhat a romantic notion. To simply bob and weave, while delivering viper fast counter attacks to a would-be ruffian is fantasy. The reality is far more likely to involve cowering, crying and an adoption of the foetal position. That is why the martial arts hold such a fascination, here’s five that really kick ass and I should consider learning…

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is actually the national sport of Thailand and can get pretty rough. Especially when you consider that its primary contact points included elbows and knees. This is stuff that’s really going to sting. Key to being a successful practitioner of the art is having rock solid shin bones. See Kickboxer for details, Jean-Claude shins a tree into submission. Ouch. Muay Thai is considered the most deadly form of kickboxing and is often a base component of any Mixed Martial Art competitor. If you do take this up at some point you’re going to receive a roundhouse kick to the noggin and when the shin connects it’s going to feel like you’ve been clouted with a crow bar.


Few see this as a martial art, but that isn’t fair. Boxing is old school, referenced by the ancient Greeks among others. If you’re a good boxer, when it comes to one on one combat you’re likely to be fine and dandy. The skill set of being fast and accurate with your Oliver Twist’s is likely to end any conflict before it’s begun. Hard and on target, just like Ali said, float like a butterfly sting like a breeze-block in the mush.

Jeet Kune Do

As it was founded by Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do isn’t just an effective martial art it’s also super cool. The literal meaning of Jeet Kune Do is Way of the Intercepting Fist and is essentially a hybrid style of fighting combining the most effective methods of punching, kicking, grappling and trapping. Across these four skills the requirement is to use minimal movement to maximum effect and while being quicker than a cheetah on roller skates. There’s a whole lot out there on this style in terms of the philosophy behind it, however that is largely by-the-by when it comes to deciding on the style’s merits as a destroyer of assailants. It destroys assailants, fact.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a great discipline for the less than stacked stature. It relies entirely on grapples, chokes and limb locks all of which are based on technique rather than strength. The form is a derivative of Japanese judo. Its popularity increased massively during the early 90s and the first five years of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Royce Gracie was successful in the first four tournaments and drew the fifth utilising a style that was almost entirely Jiu-Jitsu. He overcame opponents significantly bigger than he was and altered the sport forever.

Right, I’m feeling enthused. If anyone asks for me I’ll be lifting some weights and doing some stretches in the garage…

Gordon Fletcher when not ordering from the back pages of martial arts magazines researches and writes on gifts for men at Find Me A Gift, the online novelty retailer.

Learning to Water Ski – 5 things to set you on your way

While water skiing remains one of the most fun and exhilarating activities you can undertake, it is not especially easy to either learn or master. This only serves to make it even more rewarding when you do eventually master the art however, and there are several things that you can do to make the process more manageable. The following 5 tips will help you to remain focused and calm while learning how to water ski, and provide the foundation knowledge on which you can develop your skills and experience.

  1. Relax and Enjoy the Learning Process: Water skiing is an activity that demands a relaxed and mobile posture, so any tension you have will effect your ability and balance. More than this, it is designed to be a stress free and recreational past time, so anxiety while learning will simply ruin what should be an enjoyable learning process. So remain relaxed and carefree at all times, as otherwise you will not get the most from the experience.
  2.  Make the ‘Chair Position’ Your Default: Of all the positions you will learn while water skiing, the chair position remains the most crucial. This default position is not only easy to relax in and out of, but also the most suited to absorbing waves and currents, so you should always look to adopt this position during any moments of uncertainty.
  3. Embrace Falls and As Part of the Experience: The most important aspect about learning anything is that your prepare to suffer setbacks, and losing your balance while on the water skis is something that you must embrace to succeed. Approach both your successes and failures as part of an overall experience, and consider every fall as something which can make you stronger.
  4. Learn to Move as One With the Boat: The need for fluid movement of the body is key to water skiing, and this also needs to be in conjunction with that of the boat. You need to remember to follow the boats movement as your emerge up and out of the water, as otherwise you will competing against its motion and will ultimately lose balance. Use the momentum of the boat to your advantage.
  5. Remember Your Basic Positioning: While learning how to ski you will be taught the importance of several positions, and most important are the placement of your skis and handle. While skis should always point outwards towards the boat and raise between 3 and inches out of the water, so too your hands must be outstretched and bent at the elbows while holding the handle.

The Bottom Line

Keeping these 5 points in mind should help you to stay true to the fundamental psychological and technical principles while learning how to water ski. More than that, they will also help you to enjoy the learning process and make the most of what is intended to be a unique recreational experience. Remember that mistakes will only help you to master the art quicker, and ultimately enjoy a hobby that can bring you years of joy and excitement.

Written by Rob, Event Organiser for Chillisauce, company specialising in Stag Weekends and Activity Weekends

Bruins Continue Tear Ripping the Maple Leafs Apart

The Toronto Maple Leafs were scheduled to play the Boston Bruins Saturday night, instead they got mugged, mauled and generally discarded aside by the defending Stanley Cup Champions. Again, for the fourth time in four attempts this season.

They did actually make it on to the ice and indeed kept the game tight for a while despite looking like they were playing hot potato with the puck. They very rarely showed any patience on offence as the Bruins and their arena played the part of a very successful turnover factory.

The Bruins were mean and fluid – generally a bad combination for opponents – and their pressure finally made the Leafs turtle about half way through the third period en route to a 4-2 victory, one that will look better on paper than it will feel for the Leafs and their nation.

With ten minutes to go in the third period Toronto succumbed to skating a passive , non checking five on five mannequin-esk defensive zone waving of the white flag. Joe Coburne looked lost and overwhelmed on this particular shift, perhaps figuring he should follow everyone else’s lead and give up.

James Reimer in his first game since October after being out with “concussion like symptoms”  looked good if not nervous at times.  He did his part and that was really the only silver lining for the Buds.  He kept the Bruins from scoring five or more goals against the Leafs for the first time in four contests this season. Four is a good sign.

Meanwhile Boston’s net backup Tuuka Rask still hasn’t allowed more than two goals against in any game in his career against Toronto.  Rask is now 6-1 against the team that drafted him and then traded him away. I wonder if he holds a grudge or just wants to show the city what they could have had.

The man who traded him will probably never run another NHL team again.

The Maple Leafs are on a Father-Son road trip thing, where all the players dad’s are with them.  I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. There might have been too much nervous energy running through the blood of the team and at times you had to wonder where some of the players heads were at.

Toronto had a seemingly large number “oh whoops, was i offside?” moments.

I’d love to have been a fly on the wall of the fathers sections. I bet the chatter dwindled to minimum as the game wore on, as if someone was pressing a mute button down one every five minutes.

Fortunately for Toronto they are the youngest team in the league, and they might be good enough to give themselves a fighting chance against three quarters of the NHL’s teams. But they are not good enough to beat the NHL’s best. And Boston has been at the top of the class since last season.

Despite playing a little hooky to start the season the Bruin’s rolling and might be better than they were when they won the cup.

For the Maple Leafs, if there is lesson to be learned here it is that the they will have to learn how to fight back. And they’ll have to learn from the Bruins and these frequent beatings. And they are beatings, no question about it.

Toronto is being bullied mentally and physically by the toughest kid in school and they have no one to stick up for them.

I don’t know what to say about Dion Phaneuf tonight other than the Toronto Maple Leafs need a captain to lead and inspire them.

Toronto has had some injuries and no doubt about it Mike Brown could help if he were in the lineup, but the Leafs needs an infusion of Toughness, not just one guy and they need a Chris Neil or Sean Avery like player to deal with Scott Thornton specifically.

They need the old Colton Orr in the lineup every time they play Boston.  Milan Lucic seemingly wasn’t the same player for a full year after Orr broke his nose a few seasons back.  We don’t know if the old Colton Orr can come back after suffering from a serious concussion last season.

Mike Komisarek?  I don’t think he wants any part of the Bruins either.

Toronto has no truculence and if they ever hope to rise up and slay the bears who defend the title, they are going to need on their tree that are full of it.

The World Series of Winter Driving: How to Stay Safe on Slick Roads

A good baseball team never shows up on the diamond without plans to deal with every contingency, and the same should be true when you take to the roads in winter. Winter driving can throw any number of curveballs at you, and going to bat without the proper equipment can have tragic results. As any major league team can tell you, however, the proper preparation can ensure that you’re able to meet any challenge and get home safely, hopefully without sliding.


Baseball players play on a variety of surfaces, from slick grass to loose sand and dirt, and they require special cleats in order to maintain their grip. Your car is no different, and in order to prevent yourself from unintentional sliding, it’s wise to start off with a quality set of winter tires. These will give your car the sure footing it needs to round the bases safely, but make sure to check the tread!


To keep you straight on the base paths, it’s recommended your winter tires have at least 6/32″ of tread depth. While it’s best to use a tread depth gauge to measure this, there’s a handy trick you can use with a simple penny. There are several tread grooves located across the tire. Insert the penny into a few of the grooves, and check how much of the design is covered. If the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back side of the coin is covered, your tires have more than 6/32″ of tread depth. If this isn’t the case with your tires, it may be time to make a call to the bullpen and get yourself some relief tires.


Proper tires are important, but even the most well-equipped car can run into trouble. In case you find yourself in a tight spot, make sure you’ve got a loaded bench to get you through. Stock your lineup with a solid roadside emergency kit that includes:


  • Blankets
  • Flares
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Jumper cables
  • Hand warmers
  • Spare cell phone battery and/or a temporary power source using alkaline batteries
  • Fix a flat (or similar)
  • Snow chains, kitty litter, and a camping shovel aren’t a bad idea either
  • If you need traction and don’t have chains or kitty litter, you can put your floor mats under your drive wheels (only you might need to buy replacement floor mats if you do)


Also make sure you have a jack and lug wrench handy in case you have to make that call to the pen!


Finally, make sure that you can see each and every pitch with a new set of windshield wipers. There are several options for winter wipers, including some that are heated to safely melt away snow and ice. There are also windshield wiper fluids which, once squirted onto the windshield, melt snow and ice and prevent vision-blocking buildup. Adding these or other similar items to your team will help guarantee you never strike out looking.


In baseball, as in winter driving, the goal is simply to make it home safely. By following these tips and taking the time to prepare your car and yourself properly, you’ll be rounding the bases with ease. Build yourself a championship team, improve your skills as a manager, and you’ll never strike out again!


Author Jason Lancaster often day-dreams of scoring the winning run while writing about high-quality parts and genuine Toyota accessories

Most Expensive Sports Trophies

Sport isn’t simply entertainment, it’s a serious business with global repercussions in many cases. Governments around the world are well aware of the impact that sport plays in distracting, amusing or aggravating their populations but most of all – they’re aware that supporting sports which their demographic is skilled at is a must for winning over votes.


With this in mind, governments and sporting bodies (like FIFA or the NBA) pour hundreds of millions of dollars into promoting events, building stadiums and paying exorbitant salaries to players. Still, despite all this the investment is undeniably worth it. Sport gives nations a constructive (usually) outlet for their competitive urges against other countries and helps to promote a feeling of nationalism. Sometimes it may seem to go a little far though, as with the costs behind the following trophies.


Super Bowl Trophy – $50,000

An impressive $50,000 is spent every year to create a new Super Bowl trophy, since the item is permanently taken home by the winning team after having their roster engraved on it. The trophy is made from sterling-silver by Tiffany and Co. It’s nearly two feet tall and is shaped like a kick-ready football with the words “Vince Lombardi Trophy” and the NFL shield engraved onto the base. Estimates say that the item takes 72 hours to complete.


The Stanley Cup – Approximately $650,000 (due to related costs)

This renowned trophy has come a long way from its humble beginnings when then governor Lord Stanley paid the equivalent of $48.67 to import a silver plated punch bowl to reward Canada’s top rated hockey club. The current incarnation of this ever changing item now stands at nearly three feet high and weighs more than 34 pounds. Unlike most sporting trophies, this one features the names of just about every member and associated person with the winning team, including the coach aids (all that’s possibly missing is the water boy).


The current cup is reportedly made from 95 percent pure silver and five percent nickel, so it shouldn’t be as expensive as other trophies which are crafted in gold but the cost of this particular one also factors in the travel fees that it accumulates. The trophy makes a stop in every home of every member of the winning team and the supporting staff as well. This pushes the airfare and associated travel costs up to an obscene level and makes the Stanley Cup the sluttiest trophy in the world.

The FIFA World Cup – $20,000,000

Yes, that’s right – a whopping 20 million for this finely crafted, 18 karat gold trophy. Weighing  11 pounds of pure gold this particular item, understandably, doesn’t get handed over to individual players to take home after the game – this despite the fact that most of them wouldn’t bat an eyelash at 20 mil. Rather than take on this massive responsibility (and stress) the team is given a gold plated replica and the original resides in the FIFA vault.


Although the price tag seems insane, it’s somewhat more reasonable when you consider that football is the most played sport on the planet, with the most followers too.


Warren Kings is an online content writer who writes various content concerning technology, wedding rings, automobiles and Engagement rings.

Great College Football Road Trip Destinations

Whether you are a die hard college football fan, or you just love the carnival like atmosphere of the games, nothing could be more exciting than visiting your favorite University for a home game. To make the most of your time, make it an entire weekend and have a chance to explore the off campus environments of cities like Austin, Knoxville, and Ann Arbor. Just be sure to wash off the face paint in your team’s colors before entering the museum, okay?


University of Texas, Austin


There might be no other state more closely tied to football than Texas, so it should come as no surprise that a Longhorns home game is something you won’t want to miss. In Austin, live music and exciting bars are all part of the build up to big games, and to gain rapport with the local residents, just make the horns sign with your hands to instantly gain a new friend. Be sure not to miss the Austin State Capitol Building, which is completely open to the public. And in true Texas fashion, stands 14 feet taller than even the Washington D.C. Capitol Building.


University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Head to the giant Volunteers stadium, which holds well over 100,000 fans in a truly unique way. Forget tailgating at the end of your truck–true Volunteers supporters arrive by boat along the Tennessee River. Even if you don’t get a chance to arrive in style by water, be sure not to miss this incredible sight. Once the game is over, don’t miss some of the fascinating older parts of the city, like the historic district and Market Square, home to shops, farmer’s stalls, and quaint cafes. If watching a game of football gets you in the mood to be active, there is no shortage of outdoor activities.  Hiking, fishing, and jet skiing are all popular pastimes in this Smoky Mountains town.


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Boasting the largest football stadium in America, it should come as no surprise that the University of Michigan Wolverines are the talk of the town. The town of Ann Arbor has a small-town, collegiate feel.  One of the best things to do when visiting is simply to walk around and take in the sights, including the State Theater, the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Tower, and the countless art sculptures, parks, gardens, museums, and galleries. No trip would be complete without a taste of the local specialty, a “fragel”, or deep fried raisin bagel rolled in cinnamon sugar. Grab some to go before the next Wolverines game!

Heather Johnson is a writer for Honeymoon Destinations, the best honeymoon research and planning site. Discover some great honeymoon ideas today!

10 Obscure Extreme Sports to Try Before You Die!

zorbing ballAre you looking over your bucket list and deciding that it’s just a little too boring? Here are a few adrenaline-packed extreme sports to give it a little kick. Although, after reading this list, you may think that the title of this post should be changed to “10 Obscure Sports to Die Trying!”

1. Street Luging
If you ever watched the winter Olympics, then you’ve seen the luge competition. Racers sit, face up, on a small sled and race down a hill, feet first, at speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Want to give it a try but don’t have access to a luge track? No worries. Just use a treacherous mountain road. Street Lugers go to the highest point of a mountainous highway, lie on a sled no bigger than a skateboard, and zip down the mountain. Of course it’s important to stay focused so that you can dodge all moving vehicles as you make your way, hopefully without getting squished, to the bottom of the mountain.

2. Volcano Boarding
Believe it or not, thousands of sport extremist travel to Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro mountain for the privilege of volcano boarding. Participants gear up in protective suits, hop on a board constructed of plywood and Formica, and descend the volcano’s slope at up to speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Perhaps they move so quickly because they’re worried the about an eruption? After all, the Cerro Negro is still an active volcano, the most recent eruption being in 1999.

3. Train Surfing
Train surfers climb onto the outside of a moving train car or subway train, stand upright on the top, and “surf.” First introduced in the 1980’s in Germany, train surfing hit all-time popularity in 2005, when a Frankfurt city gang leader successfully surfed the fasted train in Germany, the Intercity Express. As a bonus, he lived to tell about it.

4. Crocodile Bungee Jumping
For some, regular bungee jumping just isn’t extreme enough. To up the stakes, why not bungee jump, head first, into a hungry hoard of snapping crocodiles? This extreme sport is supposedly popular with the Aussies as depicted by the 2003 legendary Foster’s Beer commercial. In fact, there is even a popular movie called Crocodile Bungee…no wait, that’s Crocodile Dundee. Anyhow, this is definitely one sport that you can lose your head over.

5. Air Kicking
This extreme sport is reminiscent of many scenes from that famous cartoon “The Roadrunner.” In fact, it may have been Wiley Coyote that first invented this stunt. Participants sit in a specially designed seat at the back end of a large catapult arm. At the signal, the test dummy, I mean person, is catapulted over 26 feet through the air to a perfect splash-down in a pool of cold water. No need to worry, all trajectories are carefully calculated!

6. Powerising Stilts
Sure, kids have been jumping on pogo sticks for years and sure, ceiling painters wear stilts to get the job done; but what happens when you combine the pogo stick with the stilts? You get a hair- raising, kick-butt, stunt machine, that’s what. Don a pair of powerising stilts and jump to heights of nine feet. Do a flip or two while you’re in the air and you’ll gain the respect high-jumping kids everywhere. Just be careful with those landings!

7. Zorbing Ball
Here’s a sport that puts a definite spin on playing ball. Zorbing, invented in New Zealand, has become a new craze around the world. Participants ride inside a large plastic ball, positioning themselves between the outside wall and an inner ball which is filled with air and designed to cushion their body. Once the rider is inside, the zorbing ball is hurtled down a long slope. The participant gets to experience a ride that definitely gives new meaning to the phrase, “Let’s play ball!”

8. Cave Diving
Cave diving is so dangerous, that a successful dive is defined as a “dive from which you return.” This extreme sport combines all the regular risks of diving combined with exploring impossibly narrow ocean caves in freezing temperatures and low-visibility conditions. Risks include becoming disoriented and lost forever under sea, running out of oxygen and drowning, and being eaten by a wild sea creatures. All in all, a fun and exciting experience!

9. Kiiking
Kiiking, invented in Estonia in 1996, is for all those kids that grew up frustrated with the limitations of a normal swing set. Participants mount a giant swing made of steel arms that swings over the middle of a spindle. By pumping from a squatting to standing position, swingers eventually increase momentum and accomplish a dizzying 360 degree swing around the center of the contraption. No “under-dogs” allowed!

10. Slacklining
This extreme activity is listed last for a reason. Definitely the most dangerous of the bunch, slacklining involves stretching a nylon rope between two anchor points—usually two skyscrapers, or two high cliffs. Participants then make their way, tight-rope style, from one anchor to another. Talented slacker’s often perform imposing stunts while balancing on the impossibly thin rope. Not to worry, however, the slack line is flat and made of nylon, which is supposedly a much safer alternative to a regular tight-rope wire.

There you have it—10 extreme sports to try before you die. Hopefully you can achieve all 10 before you actually kick the proverbial bucket trying!

John wrote this post for Deal Zippy Daily Deals who list a range of deals on extreme sports in London to help you get your thrills for less!