Key Tips on How to Organize your Sports Equipment

After buying sports gear, you rarely want anyone to touch it. The hassle of getting genuine equipment is indescribable and so the thought of someone spoiling your gear might drive you crazy. The equipments are also very pricey and therefore care should be taken to avoid spoiling them. One way that will help you keep your equipment safe is organizing them properly. This might seem like an easy task but most people do it wrongly and this damages the equipment.


Here are a few tips on how you can organize your equipment so that you keep them safe.

Make room

It is very important that you have enough space for the equipment  Cramming them in one place will most definitely damage them. If you have a small house or do not have a place for your equipment  you can keep them where you train. Most people think that this is risky. This is only risky if you train in a dingy place. But all sports grounds will accept, on some agreement, that you keep your equipment there. Just ask them.

Arrange in relevance

This means that you should have the equipment that you use frequently placed before those that are used on occasion. For example, you can put your bag pack below your skiing gloves and so forth. You can also organize them in terms of sports. You do this by putting equipment that are for one sport on one side and equipment for another sport on another. It is not uncommon to find many people in one household having different sports gear. Since everyone can’t have their own closet to store the equipment, they might need to store all of them in one area.


You should also organize them in a way that is easy to access them. You do not want to pile them one after another. This might be very easy to do but it has a huge disadvantage. It will be very hard to access the equipment that you need at the time. This will make you handle the other gear that is on top roughly as you try to reach to what you need.

Away from kids

Ensure that they are far from children. In as much as kids are a joy and blessing, they are also very curious. Your sports gear might just interest them and they decide to take them out and play. There is no need to say that this is recipe for disaster.


Clean them regularly. For the equipment that can be cleaned, it is important that you do so regularly. This is important because dirt can cause permanent stains. These will make your gear appear old and not well taken care of. There are gears that come with cleaning instructions. Ensure that you follow these instructions to the letter. The manufacturers know what they are saying. For those that you can’t clean, take them to a professional.

Buy from a reliable source

When buying your equipment, use a reputable dealer. This is also important as you will see how they organize their equipment  If they are reputable, then they are skilled. You can also get advice from the store where you purchased them about the proper way to arrange them.


Author Bio

Nick William is a sports writer and owner of several blog websites. He has given many professional athletes advice on how to take care of their sports luggage. Having been an athlete himself, he knows what every athlete or sports person goes through and how special their equipment are. He takes time to teach other fellow athletes how to take care of their equipment through his writings.

Parlays: The Get-Rich-Quick Solution?

Does this describe you?

A typical 9-5er stuck in a dead-end job with more expenses than income.

What are your options?

  • Get a second job.
  • Go back to school to earn a degree so you can get a better job.
  • Suck it up and deal – you don’t really need a new car this year.
  • Rob a bank.
  • Win the lottery.

Of those options, the last is perceived by many as the best option.  It is the easiest, least risky option that still yields the results you want – and far more ethical than robbing a bank.

However, you really don’t have much control over whether or not you win.  So basically, you are back to square one.  Unless you…

Bet Parlays

A parlay is a single bet that links together two or more wagers.  To be successful, all the wagers must win.  Parlays generally result in higher payoffs because the chance of success is lower than individual bets; if any bet in the parlay loses, the entire parlay loses.

For those of us who have been around the block a few times, we are hesitant to jump into any get-rich-quick schemes.  So that leaves us with the question:

Real Money Maker or Sucker’s Bet?

If you do it right, parlays are like buying a lottery ticket or playing slot machines – a pretty low-risk gambling option.  You can spend a minimal amount of money, yet stand to win a pretty good sum.

If you do it wrong, parlays are like roulette.  Dropping $5,000 on lucky number 13 has about the same chance of winning as a seven-team parlay.

Of course, there is no sure fire way to win.  And depending on your predisposition to addiction, engaging in any gambling endeavor could be risky.  However, if you are wise about it, parlays can be an innocent way to have fun with the guys, exercise your brain, and earn a few extra bucks.  If you hope to be even a bit successful, you’ll need to know…

How to Bet

At a first glance, some people might see dollar signs at the 80/1 odds.  However, that payout is nearly impossible since it comes with seven correct plays.  On the other hand, making a minimal investment on a two-team parlay with 13/5 odds has a much better chance of earning money.  Try a two-team parlay every few week and you’ll see way more money than your incredibly risky 80/1 odds.

Once you get the hang of parlay, you might take your winnings from your two-team parlay and put it into a three-team parlay at 6/1.  However, you should only go this route on rare occasions; do it on a regular basis and you’ll be right back at the beginning – searching for a second job.  Advance past four teams and you’re asking for trouble – big time!


Jordan Dahlberg runs a site for printable parlay cards.  While he isn’t an avid gambler, Jordan does like to pick up an NFL parlay card every once in awhile.

How to Turn Your Cornhole Match into a Drinking Game

Let’s be honest: cornhole isn’t really a game you play without a drink in hand. It’s not a bad thing; this is just a fact. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to make your next cornhole match a drinking game. You can find a few ideas below.

Beginner’s Game

Who can play: Newbies

Drunkenness level: Not very high. You drink slowly, so you will acquire a buzz as the game develops.

Rules: Whenever a beanbag goes in the hole, the other team takes a drink. For example, if Team One throws a beanbag and it knocks Team Two’s beanbag into the hole, then Team One takes a drink. If Team One makes a bag into the hole, Team Two takes a drink.

Results: Since you haven’t been playing for very long, you will probably only drink a few times throughout the game. Being a little sober helps you to learn the basics of the game before you move on to subsequent levels.

Business Time

Who can play: Anyone

Drunkenness level: Slightly more than buzzed.

Rules: In between innings, each player takes a drink for every point scored against them. For example, Team One scores eight points, so Team Two takes eight drinks.

Results: One team takes about 21 drinks, while the other team isn’t far behind. Since these are only drinks and not shots, you won’t be too drunk just yet.

Harder Still

Who can play: People who can handle their liquor

Drunkenness level: Not quite wasted

Rules: Players will clear the board after every half-inning. The players who pitched last throw one more bag. If you get a bag in the hole, the next pitcher from the other team takes a shot.

Results: Either way you look at it, the actual cornhole competition quickly becomes unimportant. Team members will be taking shots left and right; by the end of the game, no one will care about the score!

Add Some Excitement

Who can play: People who like to gamble

Drunkenness level: It all depends on how the game goes

Rules: This is pretty similar to the previous game. While you will still clear the board after every half-inning, you won’t throw the bag for a shot. Instead, you will use special drinking bags with words like chug, shot, drink, and social. Both teams split up the bags evenly. At the end of the half-inning, the first player on Team One chooses one of his drinking bags. If he throws the chug bag and makes a hole-in, the next pitcher from the other team must chug.

Results: After the second half-inning, the other member of Team One will have picked up the chug bag from the board, leaving him with three bags. Depending on the type of game you want to play, you can make sure that the better teammate always has the most lethal bags.

A Whole Lot of Crazy

Who can play: This game is strictly for those who plan on getting extremely drunk.

Drunkenness level: Off the charts.

Rules: Replace the normal bean bags with drinking bean bags. When Team One gets a hole-in with a drinking bag, all of Team Two must do what the bag says.

Results: Be wary; there may be some confessionals, off-key singing, crying, and a variety of drunken revelry taking place at the end of this game!

Guest blogger Jordan Dahlberg works for  He takes full advantage of the employee discount!  He’s the proud owner of four sets of cornhole board and two sets of drinking cornhole bags.

4 Best College Baseball Teams

Only a few short months ago, sports fans across the globe were glued to their seats watching the college baseball world series- which is the national championship. In fact the College World Series ran through June and ended. The college baseball season does not officially start until right around the end of the Winter- February, specifically. That is a very, very long time for any self respecting sports fan- especially a sports fan of the college variety. College sports fans are a special variety of sports fan: a little more rabid than the average joe and perhaps a little more obsessed than the average sports fan as well. College sports fans are the ones that take off their shorts and wave them over their head while wearing full body paint in the colors of their respective favorite college sports team- which usually also happens to be their alma mater. Baseball is the American past time for a reason, because we love it. College baseball is pure and untainted by the scandals that have rocked major league baseball and other professional sports. College baseball players are young, hard working and dedicated to perfecting their craft before they ever set foot in a minor league or major league baseball park. For now, they are college players looking to make their way into the big time and bringing a national championship to their college. Here is a breakdown of the top 4 college baseball teams in the country as of right now:


College Baseball Rankings #1. the University of Arizona

Arizona was perfect in last year’s playoffs with a 10-0 record, which has cemented them as the national championship favorite in 2013. Last year’s record of 48-17 was one of the best records in the country, and nothing short of that should be expected next year. The Arizona Wildcats are a tough team and it is hard to say whether any team can really step up and beat them.


#2. The University of South Carolina

These Southern boys are nothing to mess around with, and if things go their way this season, they will giving Arizona a run for their money. In the tournament in 2012, they went 9-3 and came up short of the national championship game.


#3. University of Florida

The Gator’s are good at everything, and baseball looks to be their next shot at garnering yet another national college sports championship. They were the #1 ranked team last season, but failed to hold onto it when the season came to an end.


#4. Florida State University

Florida State is across the state from the University of Florida, but they are looking to take down their in-state rivals and win.


Jarrod is a freelance writer and lover of everything college sports related. His work can be read all over the internet and in print all around the country. Check out this site to read more of his work and learn more about college sports and baseball.

Find the Right Bowling Shirt for Your Personality

When it comes to fashion, you’d have to be living under a rock not to be aware of just how stylish men’s bowling shirts are in the arena of style! It isn’t as simple as just heading online and buying bowling shirts, however, you need to put a bit of time into it and consider the right type of bowling clothing for your particular personality…
…there is, of course, only one real way of accomplishing this objective – looking at bowling legends committed to celluloid and establishing which personality is most suited to you! There are some absolutely astounding bowling clothes captured in the movies and television and you’re sure to find a reflection of your personality in one of our excellent examples!
So, which of the descriptions best matches your personality and bowling style?

The Unhinged Bowler:
If you like to live on the wild side and have a little of the devil in you, then you may well want to take your style / bowling shirts tips from the inimitable Jesus from the seminal bowling movie, The Big Lebowski. Whilst his mental state is questionable, his style is beyond question and if you think you find yourself in this category, some of the men’s bowling shirts below may be the perfect fit (pun semi-intended):







The Lothario:
Charlie Sheen, in his role as Charlie Parker in Two and a Half Men, has almost single handed rejuvenated the image of bowling shirts and thrust them into the limelight for all the right reasons (and some wrong ways, no doubt)! There are very few scenes within Two and a Half Men where Sheen isn’t seen wearing a bowling shirt of some description and if you fancy yourself as a bit of a womaniser / lothario, you won’t go far wrong taking tips from renowned lady’s man, Sheen. If you want a shirt to replicate this Hollywood icon, some of the attire below will tick the right boxes:







The Maverick:
If there has been a funnier incarnation of a bowler ever seen on the silver screen, then I am yet to witness him. I, of course, am talking about Ernie McCracken from the Farrelly Brother’s movie, Kingpin! A style guru, lady-killer and a bit of underhanded fellow, truth be told, Ernie McCracken definitely helped improve the stylishness of bowling clothing in my eyes and I haven’t been able to look at men’s bowling shirts in the same way since first witnessing Bill Murray in the impressive number below:
You’d be hard-pressed not to be bowled over (pun fully intended) by the shirt sported by Big Ern’ in the picture above. If you want to paint yourself with the ‘Maverick’ brush, there is plenty of bowling shirts for men that will set you in the right direction – such as some of these pictured below:







So, there you have it – which of our bowling characters above best fits your own style personality? To be honest though, you really can’t go wrong with a bowling shirt, so just buy whichever one you want!
All images of bowling shirts used courtesy of

Player Profiles for U.S. Open

Even though there are no games being played right now, NFL fans just experienced one of their most exciting weekends of the year. In late April, the NFL held its annual draft, in which the 32 teams pick the best players out of the NCAA over the course of seven rounds. The general managers of these teams make their picks using a lot of information available to them. Many of the players who choose to enter the draft are invited to participate in the NFL combine, a weeklong extravaganza in February where general managers, coaches, scouts and other interested NFL personnel put these players through an exorbitant amount of exercises and drills.

Other than watching NCAA games on television, this is the best way for a scout to see what a young player is all about. After this combine, and even beforehand, scouts usually compile player profiles for these individual draft prospects. A player profile is a succinct guide to an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, habits and, in rare cases, vices. This kind of player profile is found in a majority of team sports that use a draft, including basketball and baseball as well. An individual sport like tennis does not have this same kind of formal player profiles. There is simply no need for them. But it is fun for many sports writers to write a sort of profile for these athletes as well though. Why not do so for players looking to compete at this year’s forthcoming US Open?

Novak Djokovic
Last year’s US Open champion, Novak Djokovic, is an exceptional athlete. There are some, including former tennis titan Pete Sampras, who claim that Djokovic is currently playing the best tennis anyone has seen since the beginning of the Open era in 1968. Djokovic’s style of exemplary play derives from his phenomenal power, especially on the baseline. His backhand, even from deep in the court, is known to be fateful, due to his unrivaled precision. While many players with such offensive ability tend to sacrifice defensive skills, Djokovic is not such a player. Thanks to superior agility and a startling ability to read the court, his defensive skills are stellar. Djokovic’s x-factor is his passion for the game. He never slacks. His hustle is enough to keep him in any game.

Samantha Stosur
Samantha Stosur won the US Open last year on the women’s side. She is currently ranked number five in the world. She has become such an accomplished player thanks to on the net play that frightens even the best opponents. Unlike most players in today’s game, she rushes the net after her serve, a style most players are not accustomed to. She has a lethal forehand ground-stroke. She is also very versatile in the way she serves. All in all, she is one of the more unpredictable forces on the tour. Her backhand, and her inability to perform in clutch scenarios, have been her weaknesses throughout her career.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer was once named the best tennis player of all-time by the Tennis Channel. It’s hard to argue with this. While most players specialize on certain types of surfaces, Federer is known for his superb ability to adapt to any surface he is playing on. He is as good on the baseline as he is on the net. He is one of the fastest players in the game, which makes his ability to cover all parts of the court nearly impossible for opposing players to deliver lethal blows. Many have stated that his unbelievably powerful forehand motion may be the best shot any player currently possesses in the game of tennis. Djokovic and Federer have played 24 times, and Federer has won 14 of these matches. Their head-to-head matches are defined by powerful shots and a fast-paced tempo.

Victoria Azarenka
Djokovic’s female counterpart as the number one ranked player in the world is Victoria Azarenka. Like Djokovic, Azarenka is known for power that shakes her opponents. She is powerful no matter the type of shot. No matter where opponents put the ball, Azarenka has the ability to send it back like a rocket. Her speed, while solid, is her main weakness. She is by no means slow, but there are faster plays on the tennis circuit to be sure. In the five matches that Azarenka and Samantha Stosur have played, Azarenka has won all of them. As good as Stosur is, she has simply yet not found a way to combat Azarenka’s wicked force.

With all the players currently making the rounds in the tennis game, it would take hours to compile accurate profiles for all of them. But these players are certain to make a big splash at the US Open come the fall. It’s nice to know what to expect from them.

Author bio: Jerome Manson is a sports enthusiast who enjoys both watching games and writing about them. When he is not cheering on his team from the stands, Jerome is blogging about 2012 US Open tennis for

5 Great Swimming Exercises

Swimming is one of the best exercises for us. It is especially good for those who can’t do high impact activities, since the water supports the weight of the body. However, it can get pretty boring doing nothing but laps across the pool. Here are five other exercises you can add to your routine that can help you to build muscle, shed unwanted fat and get a good full body workout while in the pool.

Treading Water

Some people like hanging out at the side of the pool just to chat with friends or look good and show off their new swimsuit. But if you want to do a bit more than just lounge around the side of the pool, you can still chat with your friends, but instead of hanging around outside the pool, you should go into the pool. Go to where the water is just a bit too deep for you to touch the bottom of the pool and tread water as you talk to your friend. By simply swimming in place and treading water, you can burn about 45 to 50 calories for every ten minutes you spend talking.

Side Leg Lifts and Knee Raises

The great thing about exercising in water is that, while it is very low impact, the water also adds resistance to your movements. This means that any exercise you do outside of the water will be just a little bit harder and more challenging when in the water. You can use this to your advantage and get a good leg workout by doing side leg lifts (works your glutes, hips and outer thighs) and knee raises (works your quadriceps and ab muscles) in waist or chest deep water. Do as many of these as you are comfortable and repeat with the opposite leg.

Submerged “Baywatch Run”

Running in water can be very challenging. You have to work harder to push the water out of the way with your body and so you actually get tired faster as your muscles have to really work to keep you moving. I call this the “Baywatch Run” because running in water always reminds me of the scenes of Pam Anderson dashing through the waves to save someone in super slow motion. Well, if you run in water you’ll basically be running in slow motion, too, so it seemed a fitting name. This exercise not only works your normal running muscles of your legs and arms, but it is also great for your abs since they have to work hard to keep your body upright in the water.


This is a more traditional swimming exercise. Beginner swimmers are often taught how to swim by supporting their chest on a pool noodle and kicking with their legs. Well you can do the same and if you don’t have a pool noodle you can simple hang on to the side of the swimming pool. Try different types of kicks. Keeping your legs straight when you kick really works your glutes and back muscles, while bending them at the knees works your quads and hamstrings. Alternate your kicks, but just try not to splash too much if there are a lot of other people in the pool.

Tummy Toning Twists

This exercise is great for your obliques, the muscles that run along the sides of your stomach and really cinch your waist and show off your abs. Do it by standing with your back against the side of the pool, with your arms out on both sides to support you. Raise your knees to a 90 degree angle, as if you were sitting in a chair. Then twist your lower body to the right and bring both feet down for a “dip”. Pull them back in so your knees are bent again and return to the center. Repeat on left side for one repetition.

These exercises can keep you from getting bored when working out in the pool. As with any new routine, start off slow and don’t push too hard the first few times.

Thomas is a freelance writer and content contributor for Access rx.

The 5 Safest Cars on the Road

Driving a automobile can be a very dangerous thing. There are hosts of different factors that come into play when getting behind the wheel: personal competence, the competence of the other drivers on the road, and the weather, just to name a few. There are tons and tons of considerations and thoughts that go through a person’s head when they step behind the wheel- and one of those things, is the relative safety of the car they are getting behind the wheel of- as some makes and models of cars are much safer than others. Here is a top 5 list of the safest cars of 2011 and 2012, according to Forbes.

1. The BMW 5 Series
The BMW 5 Series is one of the safest- if not the safest- car on the road at all times. Although the $45,000 price tag for the brand new model is a bit expensive for most, it is very worth it because of the longevity, reliability and safety of the vehicle. BMW has always put a lot of emphasis on the safety of their car models, and it is no different for the BMW 5 Series, which is the latest and greatest in a line of cars that have always been great and respected in the industry- especially among safety experts and car insurers.

2. Buick LaCrosse
The Buick LaCrosse is another one of those models and car manufacturers that has always had a reputation as one of the safest vehicles on the road. But, unlike the BMW 5 Series, the Buick LaCrosse price tag is much more affordable at around $25,000 on average. This large, luxury sedan is always among the highest safety rated cars on the road year in and year out, so it is something you can always bank on.

3. Cadillac CTS Sedan
Yet again, another luxury sedan ranks among the most safest cars in the entire world. In case you have not noticed the trend yet, large, luxury sedans are essentially the safest cars on the road- no matter the make, expense or model of the car. The only thing is that these cars- and the price tags associated with them- tend to be out of the range for most new car buyers in the market- yet they are the safest and most reliable models, which comes in handy especially for parents and their ilk.

4. Chevrolet Cruze
Finally, a safe car that is made for the middle class. With a price tag that is usually around $16,000, the Chevrolet Cruze is one of the most affordable cars on the list of most safest cars on the road. The Chevrolet Cruze is a small sedan, and is not considered luxury, so it is the perfect option for a small family that looks to be safe while on the road.

5. Lincoln MKS
This is another one of those large luxury sedans that cost quite a pretty penny. But, never the less, the Lincoln MKS is still one of the safest cars on the road at any given moment, and that can not be overestimated.

Safety is a big deal for Vicki, who has a 14 month old son at home. She writes in her free time and keeps up on the latest criminal justice programs with hopes of attending one soon.


A lot of people don’t see the appeal of ice hockey, some guys skating around hitting a puck at each other. You’re missing the point. Take a quick look at the crowd; those shirtless, beer-fuelled specimens are there for only one thing and it isn’t the hockey. They’ve worked out something a lot of us haven’t yet – watching guys in large amounts of padding starting a fight with one another while trying to stay upright on ice is hilarious. Who knows, if you’re really lucky it might even develop into a mass brawl.

I’m kind of kidding, I wouldn’t pay money to go see these things for myself but watching the Youtube clips of some famous ice hockey brawls is a lot more fun than I thought. We’ve recently added world famous sports merchandiser 47 Brand to our ranks, with caps from five top NHL teams Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, San Jose Sharks, L.A. Kings and New York Rangers. So in celebration of this we’re picking out the top 5 brawls – one for each team.

Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks– March 2009

The Blackhawks team logo features a Native American so if Cowboys and Indians movies are anything to go by (which they’re not) you’d expect them to be up for a fight. If this clip is anything to go by then they certainly are (0:50 is the point at which things start to get a bit ugly).

Detroit Red Wingsvs Anaheim Ducks – May 2009

Ah, 2009… a vintage year for brawling, everyone was at it. This no-holds-barred scrap got the crowd on its fee, sticks were downed and helmets were pulled off. Hockey matches must over-run by quite a bit with all these stoppages!

San Jose Sharksvs St. Louis Blues – April 2012

This one was only from a month ago and already it’s racked up a number of views, that’s probably because the intensity is pretty high, no half-hearted nudging here.

L.A. Kingsvs Ottawa Senators – December 2001

By the end of this video, it looks like Armageddon has hit. When the L.A. Kings go, they go hard.

Edmonton Oilers vsNew York Rangers – November 2010

Madison Square Garden is best known for its historic sporting and music events; well in November 2012 it was also home of one of the biggest mass brawls seen in in the NHL in a long time.

If these video clips have whet your appetite then now’s the time to don a team’s cap and cheer every player’s loss of discipline.

Each of the teams above produces quality merchandise for their legions of fans the world over; apparel with the team’s branding on is hugely sought after so it’s a great time to get involved.

Pick out your favourite 47 Brand NHL cap online at the Northern Threads now.

Top 10 Extreme Sports That You Can Try In Australia

Ask any true-blue fan of adrenalin-pumping extreme sports what’s their favorite destination for the next big thrill, and you’ll get just one answer – Australia. Extreme sports and Australia – somehow these two have gotten fused together. With good reason too, we might add. Have you tried out these 10?
1. Kayaking

Just the two of you in a delicate looking tapered kayak, surviving due to the strength of your arms and your navigational skills. The deep sea is below, large waves beat your kayak and the myriad huge marine creatures wait to eat you. Sounds thrilling? It is, and dangerous too! Head to Hitchinbrook Island, or to St. Kilda, Melbourne. Shark, anyone?

2. Bungee Jumping

Get to Minjin, Cairns this summer and try your hand at bungee jumping. Challenge the limits of your mind. Test your fear to the fullest. Leap off from a height of 50 meters into a teeming rainforest. Feel the ground hurtling towards you. Swing over the rainforests at a 100 kilometer speed. No safety net, no one to hold you – just pure adrenalin.

3. Skydiving

Not an experienced skydiver? No problem. Best of all, there are any number of skydiving drop zones where you can tandem skydive, strapped to a tandem master. Invest some time into the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course and you can skydive without any help for the rest of your life. Check out skydiving hotspots at Wollongong, Sydney and St. Kilda, Melbourne and also in Perth and Brisbane.

4. Rock Climbing

Lead rock climbing at its best at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, and at Morialta National Park, Adelaide. Face huge rock formations with deadly drops. You rely on your lead rope and the harness at your waist to keep you from falling. You have to use every inch of strength in your arms, legs and even fingers to climb vertically up a rock face.

5. V8 Car Racing

Drive a 450 HP V8 Race Car for 6 laps at Drive Eastern Creek, Sydney. A V8 instructor will ride with you. The V8 race car you’ll be riding has all the features of a top-of-the-line V8 Supercar, including the Carrera Cup slicks, 6-pot brakes, racing gearbox and Bilstein suspension. Experience the g-forces and the crazy excitement of V8 performance racing at 200 KPH!

6. Caving

How would you like to lower yourself into the depths of an underground cave? You’ll be climbing, stretching and scampering through narrow spaces as though you were a mole. The Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains are a spectacular labyrinth of deep caverns full of stalactites and stalagmites.

7. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is action-packed. Think about making your way down rapids graded from the toughest 1 to the easiest 6 just with the power of your arms. Of course, you’ll have your team with you – everyone’s rowing has to be synched if you are to make the rapids alive. Enjoy the amazing scenery around the King River, Melbourne, as you plow down rapids at incredible speeds.

8. Off-Road 4-Wheel Driving

Here’s a totally unique off-road motor sport experience at Alberton, Gold Coast. Experience the raw and brutal V8 power on open, off-roads. Your professional driver will take your four-liter Lexus V8 engine powered buggy through awesome jumps and serious sideways action. The action is fast paced, and you can upgrade to the unbelievably action-packed Off-Road V8 Race Buggies Extreme Drive course!

9. Outdoor Trapezing

If you want to know what a trapeze performer feels, head to Homebush, Sydney. Get into your safety harness, and swing from a high trapeze. Learn to perform a number of tricks, as per your skill. Feel the utter freedom of throwing yourself off your trapeze as you fly to another one. Safety belts and nets are present – still, it’s only you and the fresh air at that height when you swing.

10. Wake Boarding

Murray River, South Australia and Hawkesbury River, Sydney are two ultimate wake boarder’s paradises. Rip across the river on your wakeboard from behind a Ski Nautique boat that’s built for wakeboarding. You can perform countless tricks on the water, feeling the rush as the rope goes taut. Jump the wakes and go as high as you want and soon you’ll feel you’re flying over the river!

Writer/adventurer Nermeen has written 100+ articles about experience gift ideas like skydiving, hot air ballooning, and helicopter flights. Look out for more of her work online!