Win a Microsoft Zune 30Gb

Over at Ms Danielle’s Blog Site she is giving away a Microsoft Zune 30GB mp3 player that she won from John Chow dot Com. Her blog is a must read everyday as the post’s  are informative and entertaining. Some examples are : Quick Tip for Busy Bloggers Friday Funny – For Animal Lovers! Ms. Danielle’s […]

A Little Help Here

I am pretty new at blogging and would like to find out what readers of Malewail would like to see here. If anyone has any great ideas or comments please let me know. I would like to provide posts that people want to read and enjoy. And give them a reason to come back time […]

Bloglines SEO Ranking

I found this interesting post while viewing Ms. Danielle post about increasing SEO ranking with a Bloglines List. ***Start Copying Here:*** Here are the rules: 1) If you don’t have a bloglines account signup for one, if you do have a bloglines account sign in to your account! 2) Write a short introduction paragraph about […]

Free or Not

Currently I am using a free host for my blog. But should I invest in some paid hosting. I have no idea if traffic will ever increase. Who will read this? I don’t know. I guess the free hosting is adequate for now. It is doing everything I need it too. Sometimes it appears to […]

Dirty hits the town

Last night I stepped into the mind of Gwen Stefani. She feed off the crowds awesome energy and delighted us with the many figments of her own imagination. Calgary obviously loves Gwen Stefani and her artistic views. Lets not forget that Akon had everyone on there feet at this sold out show. Thanks for an […]

Where is Everyone Going?

I was driving the other day and traffic was backed up. It was raining pretty hard and some streets are flooding. So I am waiting patiently for traffic to move. But there is always people that don’t want to wait and move ahead and try to butt into line. Like really they are just pissing […]