Things better left unsaid

We’ve all had those times when something comes out of our mouths that was meant to stay locked away forever. Except of course those things you can’t wait to share with your best friend and only if it’s behind the other persons back. I knew the meatloaf was horrendous and instantly thought meatlump, definitely not meatloaf. But in saying so, and using my most sweetest tone, a cataclysmic chain of events set in motion that made the Big Bang theory look like snap, crackle, pop. Apparently when asked if I liked it, I missed that suttle expression on her face. Men know that look. We have been genetically bred for thousands of years to aim ahead of the fleeing antelope, what formation to use against an attacking tribe, how to keep beer at that perfect temperature. At the top of all our survival instincts is knowing “that look”. That look of pride in knowing something they’ve done is remarkable. That look of, go ahead, say it, I’m awesome. It’s a twitch of the eyebrow, that certain purse of the lips, the look in their eyes. I totally missed it. Damn. And women have remarkable memories. It’s been 12 years since I’ve had meatloaf. I got it at Golden Corral one time and she made me put it back. Yes, we all say things that are better left unsaid. My buddy told me it has happened to him as well. The other night he and his wife were eating dinner and having a casual conversation. He told me, what I meant to say was “honey would you please pass the peas..”, but it came out “you fat cow, you’ve ruined my friggin’ life.” It’s been two weeks now and he’s still on my couch. They’re trying to work it out through counciling.

Male doing laundry

I hate doing laundry. I hate it so much that I wait until everything I own is dirty before I face it.  Why is it that women know the difference between the colors and the whites? Men don’t. To us it’s simple. If it’s underwear or T-shirts it’s white, everything else is colors. We bought a new Samsung front loading washer. I know that Samsung makes TV’s, DVD players and Cellphones, none of which I can operate very well, why I would think a washer would be any different is beyond me. It has a Sanitizing cycle, Bedding cycle, Steam cycle, Normal cycle, Delicate cycle, hot wash, cold rinse, warm wash, cold rinse , cold wash, hot rinse, normal load, Jumbo load, large load, small load and automatic load. Why isn’t automatic load all there is? I’m sure this thing would get HBO if I could figure out how to hook it to the dish. With me it’s automatic load, hot wash and cold rinse. Period. Everything I own has a red or blue tint to it. I have come to think of this as a character trait and not a sign of failure. Once the washing is done comes the real work. Drying and folding. It always starts like this;  Take everything out of the washer and throw it in the dryer. Set the heat as high as it will go so it will finish faster and I can get this over with as soon as possible. I start the dryer and then watch it like a hawk. When it’s almost stopped spinning, I fling the door open, ignoring the burns from the steel tumbler and red hot zippers, and pull everything out into my basket. Like a nascar driver coming out of turn four, I open the garage door slinging it wide, and send my two dogs scrambling for cover in terror. I’ve cleared off the couch, and the end tables and usually a TV tray that has become a permanent piece of living room furniture. I dump the basket on the couch and begin separation.  I have a particular style of lint removal that I am very proud of. I pick each garment up and raising them over my head I snap them downward in a whipping motion that a ringmaster controlling a tiger would be proud of. It didn’t take me but twice to remember the ceiling fan. In one solid move two things happen. One, the lint is removed completely and two, the dogs bolt upright ready to fight or flee. The shirts and pants that need hanging are immediately removed from the pile and the lint removal process applied. I rush to the bedroom, grab seven hangers, rush back, put them on the hangers and then hang them on the door jamb. Now on to separation completion. It’s usually during this second separation process that I discover one of my wife’s favorite rayon, nylon, polyester, whatever, blouse, shirt, top or whatever, in the mix. It now fits an eight year old. Damn. Thinking quickly, I wrap it in a newspaper to conceal it and throw it away. One of my daughters will get blamed for stealing it eventually. I can live with that. I then start with my favorite logo Tee’s. I apply the lint removal process to each, smoothing them out and lay them on a flat spot on the couch. Next are the shorts and then the socks, underwear and white T-shirts. Now I fold, beginning a stack on the coffee table with my Logo Tee’s. Then the shorts, then the white T-shirts, underwear and socks. I leave the underwear until last because no one cares if they’re wrinkled or not. Well, maybe Mom…she used to tell me I should always have on clean underwear so if I got in an accident the EMT’s or Doctors wouldn’t think less of me.The dogs have came out from their shelter now, stretching, but still keeping a wary eye on me. I take the one sock that doesn’t have a match to my overflowing orphan sock drawer. I have socks in there from 1982. Making seven trips, I put everything else away. Done. Record time of…2 hours and 45 minutes. Now, I feel like I’m a pretty darn normal person, but…is it like this in every household? I get up the next day, do my coffee thing, shower and get dressed. My clothes are wrinkled and have a red tint, but at least they smell like springtime in the Rockies. Or that’s what they’re supposed to smell like, I’ve never been to the Rockies….

Constant Struggle

I am always in a constant struggle in some part of my life. It’s a never ending battle of how to get by. I went to Brookshire Brothers to pick up some toilet paper and came close to a coronary when I saw the entire aisle filled with a virtual cornucopia of defication removal products. There was Cottonelle, Northern, Charmin, the list was endless. I thought about the bears on TV, you know, the ones that have the toilet paper lint stuck to their butts? I couldn’t for the life of me remember what brand they used. I certainly have enough problems in my life without having to worry about lint on my butt. The prices were ridiculous. The cheap kind was one ply and I know what a bad idea that is. Are there really people out there that use one ply? I will always wonder who they are and vow to never shake their hand again. Unless of course they’re of Arab descent. Their culture uses the left hand for this cumbersome, but necessary deed. I walked from one end of the aisle to the other. I remember thinking, what a booming business this is. In the old days people used grass, leaves, fur, mussel shells and of course who doesn’t remember their grandmothers Sears and Roebuck catalog. At my age, my brain has become a 20 terabyte hard drive filled with useless information. To prove it, did you know that “splinter free” toilet paper didn’t come out until 1935? Can you imagine? After the fourth trip down the aisle and passing the Angel Soft I decide to not put myself through this any longer. I will put toilet paper out of my mind for good and let my wife deal with this. As I am leaving I pass a woman pushing her basket and I wonder, is she a “wadder” or a “folder”?

The government created all sorts of bureaucracies in response

Our government passed the Patriot Act, and we let them. Holders of US dollar reserves will be pissed. Open competition in energy and industrial commodities is a myth. Though there is disparity and discrimination in the military of higher pay and privilege for officers, this is a sore spot with many enlisted soldiers that engenders the same resentment toward officers that is experienced by the poor and middle class toward the rich, since every18 in a war zone, military and civilian, shares the equality of the threat of losing life or limb. The inflated certificates of deposit actually stimulated business. They were asleep at the wheel.

resulting in massive borrowing of that wealth to pay for our annual expenses for national defense, education, medical care, and infrastructure

Many people may be laid off or see their income potential disappear like snow in the sun. and their gold and silver will be confiscated by governments in the political interests of those certain in power at the time. Imagine a spaceship with thousands of people on board, living and exploring our galaxy and the merchant cash advance industry.

What, after all, is the use of being master if 20 does not exert ones mastership over the enslaved rabble? Another serious effect of an economic recession is caused by the Internal Revenue Code ( IRC ) and The Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ). Training millions of stylists and women over the past decades to operate with an equality of access to goods and services does not bode well for the purpose of asking those specific same soldiers to defend and preserve a society that is pursuing extreme wealth disparity in every part of our society and economy, while shipping their civilian jobs overseas. the right to his LIFE, the right to his LIBERTY, the right to his PROPERTY. USA bankrupt.

I am a God damned human being.

Debt would then drive the debt based currency and economy, but debt would not be an enslaving factor because the people are the debtors and the owners of the debt. for the loans for restaurants. Meanwhile, they rob an entire planet blind.

First, is a failure of the people to fully understand the issues underlying freedom itself or the requirements and responsibilities of the individual if we are to remain a free society.

the banker already has the gold. This produces a big deductable item on the income tax forms. Our politicians are ofthirteen bribed with campaign contributions, gifts, favors, and threats of political retaliation, to gain their support for de regulation that benefits special interests at the expense of our communal interests.

our system of courts and laws will cease to function

At least that is the quantity relationship supported by the lack of information to the users, holders, and investors of gold and silver. It is not possible to allow a single encroachment upon freedom and still preserve liberty.

If you do not know where your investment is, or its condition without an audit for quantity and quality, it might as well still be disbursed in the crust of the earth. It is no exceptional secret that an entity may be controlled through the control of the money. If there are no new lines of credit generated and there are no outstanding loans at all there simply is no money in circulation. and a sign that says we do not make change.


Merits of Blogging

A blog simply refers to an online domain where one may be able to post any article or information of their choice for online users to access. Many therefore use blogs for different reasons which is what is referred to as blogging. The majority usually prefer blogging on commercial basis while few opt to just employ their use for fun.

Whichever the alternative resorted to, blogging is noted as having more than enough advantages for its varied users. The notable merits across all divides being;

  1. Learning Resource

Most of the blogging domains are usually informative. The details posted within such websites therefore highlight certain facts that most online users may not have been aware of. News sites to post the latest there is to be known by the general public on their blogs for the interested to access.

  1. May be Accessed from Home

Any of the blogging activities are usually available online at all times thus the concerned may prefer to just blog from their residences. If it is their respective blogs, they may also opt to post whatever their interest is right from within their homes. The working few may also embark on their assignments from the comfort of their apartments.

  1. Global Network

Depending on ones target audience, the traffic acquired is usually considered as a connection link between the blogger and their clientele. The information shared may enable others to also make their suggestions known thus the internetworking of different bloggers in a single platform.

  1. Means of Making Money

Online writing is considered the most ideal aspect through which most sites have been ranked as the leading within search engine results. Search engine optimization is an article writing technique that ensures that most of the blogging sites attract the required traffic to deliver on their purpose.

  1. Popularity

There is no place in the whole wide world where the internet cannot be accessed. Many of the global populations therefore use the internet for different purposes. The internet community would therefore be able to access different bloggers depending on their content. The more people resort to a particular blog, the more popular the blogging site would become alongside its owner.

Blogging may as well prove to be a lucrative venture that offers varied bloggers the opportunity to trade in platforms they never thought they would. All one has to ensure is that they become consistent in what it is that they do to enable them attain their long term goals.

About Author:

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It May be The End

Well it may be the end for the Entrecard Widget on Malewail. Yesterday I received five emails in a row stating

Your account ‘MaleWail’ on has been deleted. The administrator gave the following reason:

site reported to cause malicious pop-ups and crashes. account can be re-instated after problem is dealt with on your end.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding this action.

Please include the following:
User ID: 491

As far as I can tell I don’t have any malicious pop-ups or crashes. No one has ever left a comment or emailed me saying.

Hey Dave you site is full of crap, way too many pop-ups and it crashes all the time.

So its kind of odd to get five emails in a row telling me that my account has been deleted. I enjoyed dropping cards on other sites. I received traffic from Entrecard. I must say that not everysite was the greatest experience to visit when dropping cards. There were a lot of sites that were completely covered in ads, sites with the card at the bottom, sites without the card and sites with actual pop-ups.

I really don’t understand why my site would be deleted. It’s not the first time I had problems with Entrecard Support. When I first signed up I accidently miss typed my email address. It took a long time for anyone to get back to me and fix the problem.

But now that I have been deleted, I guess it will be the end of using Entrecard on my sites. Thanks to all that dropped adn placed ads on Malewail.

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